Pollyanna versus the Bad Grammar Perps

Lyda here.

Be warned.

I’m unleashing the Zombie Army on the next person who says “in regards to.”

What they mean… well, how do I know? Their woolly minds are a mystery to me. And I don’t mean “woolly” in a wonderful fiber-related alpaca-like way. Just in case you were wondering. But I digress…

I’m guessing that they are trying to say “referring to” or “concerning,” per this definition. In which case, they could say:

  • In regard to
  • With regard to
  • As regards
  • Regarding

Or they could just say “concerning.” Which might be a word they could use correctly. Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps.

By using “in regards to,” what they are actually saying  is:

  • I’m trying – and failing – to sound intelligent.
  • My education was a failure.
  • I can’t write properly either.
  • I’m too pompous to speak plainly.
  • I’m too dumb to check with Dr. Grammar.

And as of now they are saying:

  • Please send the Zombie Army to consume me immediately.

2 thoughts on “Pollyanna versus the Bad Grammar Perps

  1. lyda Post author

    Excellent point, Nancy G! I’m guessing that the bad grammar perps have a tenth of the normal brain size. So each zombie will have to eat 10 of their brains to get the nutrition of a normal brain.

    Wow, we’ve discovered zombie junk food!

    Bet they can’t eat just one…


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