Pollyanna and the Quilt of Unusual Size

Lyda here.

This is an actual fiber-related post. With pictures and everything. Alert the media, y’all.

I have been working on a new quilt for my son, the Sith Master. This was to be one of his Yule gifts… but… well… there were a few… delays in the construction schedule. So he got to see the quilt in progress that day, rather than receiving the finished product.

Y’all know how it is.

But I digress…

He asked for a Manly Quilt, with only manly fabrics and done in a manly pattern. And red.

He had approval on fabrics and the main design. The quilt is an adaptation of the Stripescape quilt in Kaffe Fassett’s book “Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts(I highly recommend this book for both inspiration and patterns – this won’t be the last of his patterns I use). I changed the pattern just a bit, but I loved the idea of using all striped fabrics in rows. As the author suggested, some of the fabrics were cut slightly off, so that the lines do not go straight across the fabric strips.

First I cut some 2″ wide and some 3″ wide strips from the fabrics. Then I cut random lengths from the strips.


Then I sewed the lengths together randomly to make long 2″ wide and 3″ wide pieces. Well, as randomly as my undiagnosed OCD would allow…


Then I sewed these pieces together to create the top of the quilt.


(Sorry about the picture quality on this one)

There would be a completely different effect if you cut the fabric across the stripes. I may try that sometime.

Once I had the top finished, I didn’t think it wasn’t big enough. I wanted to make a king-sized quilt for him.

So I added more fabric to all 4 sides, alternating full-length strips of the striped fabrics with the solid red that is the backing fabric.

Once that was done, I had to make a large backing piece. The red fabric was not big enough on its own, so I pieced together a backing with the red and the striped fabrics.

I splurged on expensive and thin all-cotton batting (on sale, 50% off).

With all my layers completed, it was time to lay them out flat and pin them together.

This is when I realized just how big this quilt is. There was nowhere in the condo (also known as Chez Disney, bless my roommates’ hearts) where I could spread the quilt out flat. My room? Tiny, crowded, and with almost no floor visible. The upstairs landing? Not big enough? Dining table? Not big enough? Living room? Nope, not enough floor space. Also, thanks to my furry roommate, the Disney Dog, I would have had to vacuum first.

I may have overdone it just a tad.

Who, me? Never!

And that’s when this became known as the Quilt of Unusual Size.

“QOUSes? I don’t believe they exist.”

(Behind the scenes with ROUSes)

Okay, just one more, of the cast talking about the movie

Sometimes digressions are necessary…

Next post: the solution to the space issue, and more quilt-in-progress news.

Still a fiber blog!


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