Pollyanna Wrestles with the Quilt of Unusual Size

Lyda here.

When last we saw our intrepid quilter Pollyanna, she was trying to figure out how to spread out the Quilt of Unusual Size (QOUS) flat, so that it could be pinned.

Then a thought struck as I was tidying up after a meeting at work…

And that is why these pictures were taken in a mysterious conference room to remain unnamed.

I would like to emphasize that if this kind of thing were to happen in the office where I work, it would happen after work time, and with the full knowledge and consent of my boss. Not that this is what happened in this case at all. 

I carefully folded the quilt top in half lengthwise, and then in half horizontally, and put in a large safety pin to mark the center. I repeated this with the quilt back.

I spread the quilt back out on the conference table, and used masking tape to tape it in place. The masking tape held the fabric well, and did not damage either the fabric or the glass top of the table. They sell quilters tape, which might be better for silk or delicate fabric, but for this all-cotton quilt, the masking tape was fine.

Note – Don’t do this on a wooden table without protecting it, as the safety pins might scratch the wood. I’ve used cardboard to protect surfaces in the past, or my cutting mat.


Then I spread the batting over the backing, and carefully spread out the quilt top. It is essential to get all three layers laying completely smooth and flat, with no wrinkles, and to line up the center of the quilt back, the center of the batting, and the center of the quilt top. Even with my center safety pins to guide me, this took some time, especially since the table was only big enough for half of the quilt.


Then I began pinning the layers together, using a massive quantity of large safety pins. With pinning, one starts in the middle and works toward the edges, smoothing as one goes.


Once I’d done the whole quilt, I flipped it over (which took some doing, as this quilt is a bit heavy) and spread it out again.

Curses and swearwords! Wrinkles in the quilt back! Foiled again!!!


So there was unpinning, and smoothing, and re-pinning, of a large section of the quilt – almost half of it.

At last – success!!


Ain’t he a thing of beauty!

And it only took 7 hours over two nights. Geez, I must be nuts.

Next time – How to baste a QOUS, and why you might prefer basting turkeys


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