Pollyanna Can Dream, Right?

Lyda here.

I just found this slideshow about creative design solutions for home offices. I love the idea of tranforming a wall into a white board (with IdeaPaint), especially since it comes in a clear version that you can paint over any color.

How cool would that be for a studio? Or a kid’s room? Or a wall in the kitchen or entry to leave notes and messages?

The best would be to paint magnetic paint, then the color you want, and then the clear IdeaPaint over it. I wonder if that would work? Because then you could also use magnets to put stuff on the wall – inspiration photos, encouraging quotes, whatever – as well as doodle on it.

And then I saw the price for the IdeaPaint.

Um… okay, maybe chalkboard paint instead, which comes in any color and is washable. And can definitely go over magnetic paint, because I saw it on HGTV and they would never lie to me.

Maybe this is why people just put stuff on their fridges…


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