Pollyanna Apologizes

Lyda here.

I thought I’d already shared this with y’all.

7 Movies that put Insane Detail into Stuff You’ll Never Notice, and

7 Movies that put Insane Work into Details You Didn’t Notice

including :

  • hand-made personalized armor for every character in the Lord of the Rings triology (I did not notice this when I saw the movies),
  • hand-knitted outfits in the stop-motion animation movie Coraline (a movie I have not seen). Including socks. On knitting needles smaller than most nails. Still a knitting blog!
  • the Quidditch World Cup stuff in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (a movie I have seen many times – I did not notice the eggs)
  • the real paranormal research mentioned in Ghostbusters (a movie I have seen umpteen times – I did notice some of this)
  • the zombie easter eggs in Shaun of the Dead (a movie I have seen a zillion times, as y’all know – – without noticing these eggs).

“But Pollyanna,” I hear you cry, “What is an easter egg?”

I’m so glad you asked. An easter egg is a hidden secret, treasure, message, or (in video games) cheat. Check out these easter eggs in famous albums, including Monty Python’s Matching Tie & Handkerchief which had double tracks – either of which might have played when you put your needle on the record. Kids, “records” were what we bought back when we rode our dinosaurs to the store.

And of course, for the Sith Master, I have to include the video game easter eggs.

Want more eggs?

Of course, if all this is making your head spin, you could go for some of these instead.



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