Pollyanna Brings You No Bad News

Lyda here.

I own y’all a post about the Quilt of Unusual Size, but I have to take and download pictures. I’ve completed the basting and moved on to machine quilting. This is an epic journey I’m on. I vow that my next project will be something small. A bag. A potholder.

A bookmark.

But I digress…

Since I don’t have pics to show you the quilt… Quick, distract them!

I bring you Random Weirdness of the current news type.

Look over there, y’all!

1.  As a huge fan of the “Star Wars” films, I was interested to learn more about Stewart Freeborn, the makeup artist who created the looks for Chewbacca and Yoda. Yes, kids, in the earliest films Yoda was not CGI. He also worked on “2001: A Space Odyssey” – including creating the  proto-humans in the “dawn of man” sequence – and on “Doctor Strangelove“. And if you haven’t seen those two movies, you need to. Immediately.

2. Check out the trailer to the new PBS film, “Makers: Women Who Make America.” It premieres this month – check your local listings. Should be excellent. They had me at Carol Burnett.

3. And lest you feel I am neglecting the touching news, check out this heartwarming news about a boy and his new robotic hand. And this technology is available – with instructions on the web, and about $150 in materials – to everyone. How cool is that!

4. For animal interest, we have this video of a whale breeching under a boat.

5. In case you are wondering what to do for lunch, here are some unusual ideas.

6. And since you might not have time to actually eat lunch, you can gobble some snarky fortune cookies.

7. Finally, for those with an identity crisis, there is this. Dude, I don’t think this is what they mean when they say, “Wow, that guy is really a big star.”


Now you aren’t thinking about the quilt at all…

Oh, fiddlesticks…


One thought on “Pollyanna Brings You No Bad News

  1. heathergarcia81

    I LOVE PBS documentaries about history. Anything by Ken Burns is bound to make me smarter (or at least FEEL smarter). If you have time, check out the 6 part Civil War series…its awesome.


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