Pollyanna and the Basting of a QOUS

Lyda here.

I promised to tell y’all about basting the Quilt of Unusual Size.

When last we saw her, Pollyanna had completed pinning the layers of the QOUS together, working at a mysterious location.

Join Pollyanna as she continues her epic journey…

Since my room is really small and I have no free floor or table space, I put the quilt on my ironing board – with my cutting board underneath to provide a hard surface. I used a chair to catch one side of the quilt, and my lap to catch the other side, and some bright blue thread left from an old project. For you non-quilters, basting is sewing, but with longer stitches and without caring how it looks – the point is to hold the quilt together through the quilting process. The basting stitches get removed once the quilting is done.

So Pollyanna began basting by hand.

And basting.

And basting.

And then basting some more.

I basted the middle section first, then worked toward the edges. I put the basting rows about 2 inches apart. Maybe I overdid it, but I have invested a lot in this QUOS, and I wasn’t taking any chances. I wanted to be sure that the layers would stay put during quilting. Better safe than sorry. That’s what he said.

It took two full spools of thread, many Pollyanna hours, and a lot of TV. Hurray for PBS, HGTV, and reruns of “Bones” and “Gilmore Girls.”

I spent one full weekend just basting. Seriously. I only stopped for necessary Pollyanna functions (eating junk food, drinking vast quantities of diet soda, passing out for a few hours sleep…) 

By Sunday night, I was stiff all over. I actually had to ice my wrists down so I could sleep.

Yes, I’ll take my medal now.

But I digress…



The Quilt of Unusual Size, securely basted together.

And that’s how you baste this kind of turkey!


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