Pollyanna versus the Blog Monster

Lyda here.

No matter how many posts we Pollyannas write, no matter how many words we throw at the blog, it howls for more. The Blog Monster is always hungry.

We go through our day, and the Blog Monster is growling in our ear, “Take a picture of that strange cactus. Write about the weird person in the checkout line behind you.”

And it can be hard to walk the blog line – how much do we revel? How much do we tell about ourselves, our families and friends, our daily lives, our secrets? How will we feel years from now when someone new in our life reads our old posts? Linked that last sentence to a Crazy Aunt Purl post, because Laurie says it better than I could. As always. Plus, check out her recent posts:  Hats! Cats! Awesomeness! But I digress…

It is up to each blogger to decide how much is just enough – not so much that stalkers turn up at our door, not so little that we feel like we are lying like Mata Hari. (What an interesting article. Her early life was so sad. Why has no one made a recent film about her? But I’m digressing again…)

When the Pollyannas created our blog, we agreed not to use actual names of people in our lives (past and present). We decided to use our own actual first names but never our last ones. We post pictures of our family and friends only with their permission. I never post pictures of my son, at his request. Sith Masters need their anonymity, y’all.

And it is still sometimes difficult to decide how much to reveal. We have some posts that have been marinating in our draft folder for over year. We wonder, “Does this tell too much?” “Is this funny or just embarassing and sad?” “What if my boss / family / banker reads this?”

Maybe we’re a bit too careful.

Yet, despite our best efforts, someday our kids might end up in this therapy group.

I wonder if they have groups for “Adult Cats of Bloggers”?


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