Pollyanna grapples with the Quilt of Unusual Size… some more

Lyda here. But y’all knew that.

Before we get into the epic that is the Quilt of Unusual Size, I want to give a shout out to a new reader and quilter, whose blog is Quilting with Whimsy: Welcome! Love your quilts! Did you know that both of the Pollyannas are from Texas?

How’s that for starting with a digression?!

Also, on Monday I saw the latest Die Hard movie with the Sith Master. We had a blast! Although a lot of that was the company – I love being with my son. The movie is just action and plenty of it, but what’s wrong with that when that’s what you’re in the mood for?

Oh, continuing to digress…

Important tip: If you see us at the movies, do not sit next to us because we TALK. Of course, with a movie this loud, it didn’t matter. In most movies, we whisper a little – mostly I whisper – but this time we talked quite a bit. I may have had too much caffeine.

Did I ever tell y’all that I once had a guy tell me after the movie that he almost shushed me? Yeah. That was our first and last date.

Not that I talk during every movie…

Okay, I probably do…

A bad habit from watching too much TV alone, perhaps…

Even within my digressions, I digress…

Quilting, right, quilting…

Last weekend was mostly about quilting the QUOS. I spent both days machine quilting the quilt. I’ve now done about three-fourths of the quilt. I’m working on the sides now, which is much easier as the bulk of the fabric is off the machine.

I’m not really doing a quilt pattern. I’m just doing lines of stitching. The distance between the lines varies, and not all of the lines are perfectly straight. This is on purpose. (Maybe none of the lines are perfectly straight anyway, but let me keep my illusions, y’all.)

On the middle of the quilt, before the red borders, I stitched in the same direction as the stripes on the fabric. The stitches sometimes stand out a bit, and sometimes fade into the fabric. I like the way it looks.

On the borders, I am stitching parallel to the edge of the quilt, which is sometimes parallel to the stripes and sometimes perpendicular to them, as the borders have fabric going different ways.

I’m debating whether to add stitches across the solid red borders, to create irregularly-sized rectangles. I think I’ll figure that out once the rest is done.

Once the quilting is done, I have to do the edge binding, and I’m going to make binding from leftover fabric from the top. Hopefully all the diagonal fabric, if I have enough.

Hopefully I’ll finish the quilt this weekend. Because the Sith Master has a birthday at the beginning of March.

But if it’s not done… well, he’ll understand.

He always does.


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