Pollyanna shows off her QOUS

Lyda here.

I promised y’all pictures of the finished project, the Quilt of Unusual Size (QOUS). And a Pollyanna always keeps her promises.

I apologize for the lighting on pics 1 & 3 – apparently Sith Law requires the Sith Master to keep his room dim. (Also known as, “Mom should have adjusted the camera.”)

On the bed and home at last:

QOUS completed 1

The “city scape” on the back of the quilt, and on the right side, the pieced border between the main back and the red outside border:

QOUS detai back

The back, with some of the quilt folded back to show off the binding (made from one of the quilt fabrics – I’d never done that before and it came out fantastic!):

QOUS finished 3

A tumbled QOUS:

QOUS in repose

Detail of one of the corners on the front, showing the quilting stiches:

QOUS detail 1

More detail of the main part of the top:

QOUS detail 2


I’m so pleased with how this quilt came out. And the Sith Master loves it! It is exactly what he wanted.

I told him that it’s worth about a zillion dollars, what with the going rate for Pollyanna-time and all…




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