Pollyanna is encouraged

Lyda here.

Exciting – readership is up since I started posting regularly again. And apparently the new trend is to “like” a post instead of commenting.

But y’all know I had to check out some of their blogs. So here is a smattering, for y’all to check out as well.

In no particular order:

Hannah Jane is a writer, artist, and theater student. Her most recent post quotes this poem and speaks lyrically and with longing of Greece. Lovely blog!

When you have swam in the sea
a lake will no longer do;
everyone else was always a pond
but the ocean was always you
Tyler Knott Greggson]

Refined Quotes (or quotily) includes quotes, movie stills, and music clips. Like this one: They Are Night Zombies! 


Tell ’em Pollyanna sent you.


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