Pollyanna and the Siblings of Awesomeness!

Lyda here.

My siblings are in no way connected to Doom. They are in every way connected to Awesome.

Today is National Siblings Day. A good day to tell siblings – genetic or otherwise – how much they mean to you.

What do I mean, genetic or otherwise?

One of my own (genetic) siblings taught me something important about families, which was reinforced in my psychology studies.

There is your family of origin, into which you were born or adopted. Depending on the family, it could include parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, ancestors – the whole family tree.

And there is your family of choice. These are the people that you choose as your family. This could include one or more partners, close friends, and mentors. A broader definition could include those to whom you feel a deep bond – whether or not you have ever met them, and those who inspire you –  artists, writers, spiritual leaders, political figures, and so on.

Sometimes both your family of origin and your family of choice enrich your lives. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, those from your family of origin are not in your life.

I feel lucky when it comes to family.

My family of origin includes my genetic siblings:  four brothers and a sister who enrich my life with love, laughter, and all manner of wonderfulness. My family has expanded to include one fabulous brother-in-law, two beautiful sister-in-laws, and a joyful abundance of nieces, nephews, grand-nieces, and grand-nephews.

My family of choice includes Anna-Liza and her family, Irish Beauty, and so many more, many friends, mentors, guides, and companions. I am lucky to have many amazing siblings this way.

And of course, any definition of “my family” starts and ends with my wonderful son, known on this blog as the Sith Master.

Today, I want to hug them all and thank them for being in my life.

I love you, family!


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