Pollyanna is upset – Zombie Army mobilizes

Lyda here.

Pollyanna has been annoyed before. She has even foamed at the mouth on occasion.

This time, Pollyanna is going completely berzerk.

I am judging one of my coworkers as being rude to one of my other coworkers. Coworker the first is a newbie and (another judgement) only interested in relationships that serve her own ends. Coworker the second is lovely and a good friend. And I’m fiercely protective of my friends.

Lovely Coworker went past my desk and seemed to be having a bad day. I didn’t pry, but I did talk to her a bit and let her know I noticed and I care and she is special to me. She came back later and gave me a hug for making her day a bit brighter.

Newbie happened to be passing. She ignored Lovely and talked to me as if Lovely wasn’t there. And then continued to be rude – my judgement – when Lovely made a joke about the ignoring. Then Newbie waltzed off, leaving Lovely and me stunned and staring at each other in amazement.

My Inner Kid says:  She’s not nice and she hurt my friend. I don’t want to play with her anymore.

My Inner Cynic says:  Now I know Newbie is only being nice to me because she needs my help at work.

The loving part of me says to Newbie:  Please really see my lovely and cherished friend. Please treat her well.

But right now, it is hard to hear them over my Inner Demon Warrior, who says: 

Newbie, you are on the list.

The Zombie Army is coming for you.


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