Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Work – now with 50% more sex!

Lyda here.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Wednesday Random Weirdness post. So here goes:

The Random Weirdness of Work – now with 50% more SEX!

1.) Jobs that we’re glad are extinct (at least, we hope they are extinct).

“But, Dad, I don’t want to be a gong farmer.”

2.) Jobs that robots are going to take from us

A “gigantic vending machine for controlled substances” sounds like that guy you knew in college, y’all know the one I mean. Robot soldiers may still be a dream, but robots in combat have been a reality since WWII. But – I know it’s radical but hear me out – wouldn’t it be better to try to create robots who help us create peace?

Yeah, that’s just the crazy talkin’.

Be sure to read the bit about sexbots. That’s what he said!

3.) Jobs that are really weird

“Dad, I told you, I want to be a pig inseminator!”

Want to know about some weird jobs?

Some weird research? Some weird scientists?

How about some weird stuff about sex?

I thought y’all would go for that one.

Read this book. Wicked funny, and truly fascinating book on the strange bedfellows that science and sex have been over the years.

And you’ll learn some stuff about sex.

Pollyanna promises.


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