Pollyanna struggles along womanfully

Lyda here.

Okay, I don’t know if I am struggling along womanfully, or struggling along whining and complaining and dragging my feet… although I suspect the later.

One of my siblings sent me an email a while ago that went “I was talking to [two of our other siblings] and we all realized that we don’t know what’s going on with you.”

That’s because nothing much is going on with me.

Since graduation. Last August.

Work? Same. Living situation? Same. Finances? Mostly the same. Instead of paying for school, I am now paying off debt. Which is good. Physically? Same. Or possibly worse.

I’m trying Crazy Aunt Purl’s 20-minute plan for the cleaning.

Otherwise, same stuff, different day.

So, in response to the “we don’t know what’s happening with you, sister,” I did two things.

  • I sent an email to these three siblings, and told them the only Big News (which isn’t my news at all, it’s the Sith Master’s news):  my son received official notice that he has gotten into the university that he wanted, and he will be transferring from his community college to the university in the fall. Woo-hoo!
  • I actually answered the phone on Saturday when One of the Three called me. And as I suspected I would, I blubbered all over him about all kinds of stuff, and asked him questions he had already answered previously, and generally was a mess.

And the good thing is, they all love me and they don’t care if I cry on them. Not that they don’t care if I cry, they do – but they are okay with me falling apart in phone conversations and/or emails. As my brother said on Saturday and I paraphrase: “This is real stuff. I’d rather talk to you about this than talk about surface b.s. anyway.”

So here’s to talking to people about real stuff. Especially the ones who love us.

Because if we can’t be real with them, what’s the point?

As Robin Williams said on his comedy album:

“Reality. What a concept.”

I highly recommend that one. I probably still have most of it memorized.

More Robin Williams: “Weave? I don’t even knit!” Ha! Still a knit blog!


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