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Pollyanna counts her stitches – and her blessings

Lyda here.

I’ve been quilting for years. But Anna-Liza assimilated me into the knitting fellowship. Since then, I’ve knit scarves, and random rectangular things. But I’ve never followed a pattern. I’ve always just cast on whatever seemed like a good size and gone for it. With varying results.

Now, for the first time ever, I am knitting a pattern.

One where I have to count stitches and change from knit to purl within each row.

First. Time. Ever.

It took me three tries to get the gauge right, or semi-right. And then on the third try, I somehow accidentally increased by two stitches somewhere in the middle. That’s what I get for watching detective shows while trying to count.

So once again, it was frogged and I knit it again.

It’s supposed to be a dishcloth. That seemed like a big enough challenge for my first knitting pattern. Details and pictures to follow once I take some pictures and write down the yarn I’m using. Nothing like being prepared when I blog.

I’m done with it. And I still am not sure if it came out right. But it kind of looks like the picture on the pattern, so there it is.

Next I did a simpler dishcloth, and now I’m knitting a third with a different (very easy) pattern that I am making up on my own – we’ll see how that goes. So far it’s been frogged twice. But it’s kind of fun.

And today I’m counting my blessings as well as my stitches. Today’s blessing count includes:

  • The Sith Master – always. My son is the joy and the love of my life. On Mother’s Day, he took me to dinner and a movie. We saw Iron Man 3, my choice, and had a blast. Last weekend, we saw the new Star Trek movie. Life is just more awesome with him in it.
  • Anna-Liza, my BFF, fellow Pollyanna, and partner in mischief and adventure. If it wasn’t for the distance between here and Colorado, we’d still be getting each other into and out of trouble on a regular basis. In fact, we still do. Take that, Stupid Pointy Mountains!
  • The Irish Beauty, my dear friend who lives too far away now to go treasure hunting with me on the weekends, but who is always in my heart.
  • My siblings and family – awesome, every one.
  • My friends who took me into their home and made me welcome.
  • My co-workers, who keep things lively and fun.
  • The orange and black songbirds that have been nesting and flying around the condo and the parking lot at work. I think they are orieles, possibly this one. Beautiful!
  • The crazy, funny, loveable Disney Dog, who makes me laugh every single day.
  • And the fun of writing this blog. I love it!!

I’ll be doing the blessing count randomly as I think of it, and y’all should know that all of the above are givens each time. I won’t mention them each time, but they’ll be there on the list just the same.

But I digress…

Back to the counting! One stitch, two stiches, three…. ahahaha!


Pollyanna’s on the move

Lyda here.

It’s been a bit crazier than usual around Chez Disney, where I live with my two friends and their nutty but lovable Disney Dog.

You see, my friends decided to sell their condo and buy a house. They gave me the news Sunday night, and there’s an open house for the condo this Saturday. Yes, they move fast!

So, all three of us have been packing stuff up in a frenzy. They are moving tons of stuff into a storage unit, for that “my, isn’t this spacious” look. We have all been getting by on less sleep. At least the dog is getting his exercise, running up and down the stairs with us.

Most of my books are already in storage – gasp! – and I’ve got to get the fabric and sewing machine packed up next. Oh, the suffering! I can’t believe how much fabric I have. Once the move is over, I will need to do some serious stash busting. But no time for that now!

So it’s knitting for me for a while – small, portable, and without the myriad bits and pieces of quilting. I kept out my knitting books, and I plan to practice some stitch patterns while making dishcloths. Small, portable… you get it.

Oh, the things I do for my friends!


Pollyanna on the Half Shell

On the whole shell, actually… much cuter that way!

It’s World Turtle Day! Here’s a local article about it.

Here’s how to tell the difference between a turtle, a tortoise, and a terrapin, plus a lot more fun facts and photos of our shelled reptile friends.

Let’s party, dudes!


Pollyanna knits again! Film at 11

Lyda here.

Okay, there is not really a film at 11. But there is knitting.

For reasons we won’t explore, I needed to keep my hands busy and my brain empty. I pulled out some yarn and needles, and just did knit stitch for several hours. Not making anything, just knitting to sooth my hands with the soft lovely yarn and my brain with the repetitious movement of hands, needles, and yarn. It’s kind of a zen experience, knitting like that. At least for me.

And the bonus is that I started remembering how to do it. It had been a while since I knit anything, as I’ve been focused on quilting and sewing lately.

There are no pictures.

I knit. I unraveled everything I’d knit. Knit. Unravel. Repeat.

I did it umpteen times, sitting there in the dark, not counting stitches, not making anything, just soothing myself with this magic we call knitting.

A meditation with sticks and string.


Pollyanna coexists quite well, thank you

Lyda here.

Now, y’all may or may not have seen Coexist and Tolerance and Diversity bumper stickers around your town.

Now, y’all know that these are principles that both Pollyannas uphold.

But, well, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t enjoy the nerdy versions.

The first one I saw was this Star Wars and Star Trek coexist. Which I believe I may have shared with y’all.

But it does not stop there. There is this – letting the worlds of nerdom unite (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Alien, X-Files, Doctor Who, a lightening bolt which I assume stands for comics?, and Star Trek).

And speaking of comics, here’s a Marvel-DC coexist. If I have to explain those symbols, you have been reading the wrong comics and should be ashamed of yourself.

But to Data… um, I mean to date…

This is my favorite.

High Resolution Sci-Fi Coexist bumper sticker by Michael McFarland - shared by George Takei!

(uniting Star Wars, Stargate, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Doctor Who & Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, and Firefly)

Which was featured on George Takei’s Facebook page.

And if you haven’t heard of George Takei… well, you probably aren’t really a nerd.

In which case you might not be applying to move to Mars

MARS!!! Now that’s an exclusive address.



Pollyanna and the Spaghetti Cake of Doom

Lyda here.

Actually, the spaghetti cake was yesterday. No, wait, two days ago. But math is hard!

This is a joke between the Sith Master and me, ever since I told him about the talking Barbie doll that said “math class is tough.”

Recently, we were texting about the time we would meet for our weekly dinner-and-possibly-a-movie-and-definitely-hours-of-talking. And he sent “Math is hard!” And I laughed so hard that my roommates came upstairs to see whether it was finally time to call the men to cart me away to the nice padded room.

It’s doubly funny because he is a math wiz. He often corrects my feeble attempts at figuring tips and such. He can even do that funny math that has letters instead of numbers, which I refuse to have anything to do with. A girl has to draw the line somewhere, even if it is with an equal sign.

But I digress…

We often quote Monty Python in our texts, i.e.: “How’s it going? What time are we meeting? What is the air speed of an unladen swallow?

I am so going to get him one of these shirts. Shh, don’t tell him. And maybe this mug, as I used to sing this song to him as a child. What child wouldn’t love to hear “he was bisected accidentally…” as he was drifting off to sleep. And maybe a mug for My Brother the Professor. It’s all his fault, and he knows it. And this one for Anna-Liza… or maybe that one. And this one for Irish Beauty…

And don’t I wish I could hear my mom laugh at this one? I may need it in her honor.

Oops, digressing again…

To return to the first sentence of this post, which was the original thought and has gotten lost amid the digressions…


Play drum! Play drum!

Also, apparently I can’t spell spaghetti.

One of my best things, digressing… uh-oh, here we go again!


I wonder why I’m hungry now…

Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Pollyannas

Lyda here.

The brain of a Pollyanna is a weird and wondrous thing. Here is a glimpse for y’all.

The Random Weirdness of Pollyannas

1.) Anna-Liza and my sister will love this one.

So, my brain gave me a great laugh this morning. Y’all know the song “Young Americans” by David Bowie? Released in 1975, and also on the album of the same name? A song I have heard probably hundreds of times?

This morning, it came on the radio. I was singing along as I sat in traffic.

And for the first time ever, I realized that the lyrics are “they pulled in just behind the bridge, he lays her down…” .

NOT “behind the fridge.” Which I’d always thought it was. And always wondered about. I mean, behind the fridge, not the first place one expects to find young lovers. Although it might explain why it  “it took him minutes, took her nowhere…”

Welcome to my world.

2.) Kindness is always appropriate, and random acts of kindness happen all the time. Be sure to look at the video link below the story, and watch the first video for sure.

Stuff like this makes me happy. And really, don’t we all depend on the kindness of strangers?

3.) I was having an email conversation with two coworkers. One of them said “You two are goofy.” So now we are Goofy and Goofy, and when she passes my desk or calls me, she says “Hi Goofy!” and I say it back.

4.) Recently, a bunch of us were in the mail room, and one of my coworkers said that he needed me to tweak the report I had done for him. He sort of frowned as he said it, and I said without thinking – and this is just me all over – “Oh, the boo-boo face.”

This man is 6 feet 5 inches tall, and a manager. A pretty imposing guy.

And – again, this stuff happens to me all the time – he thought I was saying I was upset on having to do the work (he didn’t get that I was commenting on his facial expression – possibly just as well) – and he came over and hugged me (you know, one of those side hugs – one arm around the shoulder, nothing inappropriate) and thanked me for doing it in the first place.

And me? I just thought of this as a positive and normal exchange with a coworker.

Just another day in the life of a Pollyanna.

5.) And because a Random Weirdness list needs a pig:  Baby goat plays on pig. Does this remind anyone else of “Hop on Pop“? Or is that just me?

Why does pig licking bring such delight to Anti M and the Pollyannas?

I put it down to brain structure.

No drugs needed.

This is Pollyanna’s brain on Life.


I’m going to use the term “spaghetti cake” all the time now.