Pollyanna versus the Hairy Beast

Lyda here.

So, there’s this new study that shows that women find men with a ten-day growth of stubble to be more attractive than cleanshaven men, men with five days of stubble, and men with full beards.

What?! But… stubble can scratch a lady’s delicate skin! And is not attractive on all men. The study only used photos of ten men, which is hardly conclusive. And that link does not mention how many women they surveyed. Nor does it deal with any of the myriad factors that might affect a woman’s preference, not even where she lives or what band she likes. We might be looking for a guy who looks like our favorite rock star (yum), or maybe our dad (shudder).

What does Pollyanna think? As with everything else connected to sex and romance, it all depends. On the woman. On the man. On the moonlight and the music. And the wine… never discount the power of the wine.

One thing:  anything’s better than a soul patch.

Check out “Stuff Mom Never Told You” which is full of… well, stuff your parents never told you. Funny.

As for what Pollyanna herself prefers… well, a lady never kisses and tells.

Although, I will confess that I do love these hairy beasts.*

And as for the perfect beard…**

* These cats are at Big Cat Rescue, where more than 100 exotic cats of 14 species are given safety and protection along with exercise, care, love, and lots of toys “enrichment items.” Like cardboard boxes. Their enclosures are bigger than the video clips would suggest.

** He’s a liger. Mane like his dad, stripes like his mom.


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