Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Pollyannas

Lyda here.

The brain of a Pollyanna is a weird and wondrous thing. Here is a glimpse for y’all.

The Random Weirdness of Pollyannas

1.) Anna-Liza and my sister will love this one.

So, my brain gave me a great laugh this morning. Y’all know the song “Young Americans” by David Bowie? Released in 1975, and also on the album of the same name? A song I have heard probably hundreds of times?

This morning, it came on the radio. I was singing along as I sat in traffic.

And for the first time ever, I realized that the lyrics are “they pulled in just behind the bridge, he lays her down…” .

NOT “behind the fridge.” Which I’d always thought it was. And always wondered about. I mean, behind the fridge, not the first place one expects to find young lovers. Although it might explain why it  “it took him minutes, took her nowhere…”

Welcome to my world.

2.) Kindness is always appropriate, and random acts of kindness happen all the time. Be sure to look at the video link below the story, and watch the first video for sure.

Stuff like this makes me happy. And really, don’t we all depend on the kindness of strangers?

3.) I was having an email conversation with two coworkers. One of them said “You two are goofy.” So now we are Goofy and Goofy, and when she passes my desk or calls me, she says “Hi Goofy!” and I say it back.

4.) Recently, a bunch of us were in the mail room, and one of my coworkers said that he needed me to tweak the report I had done for him. He sort of frowned as he said it, and I said without thinking – and this is just me all over – “Oh, the boo-boo face.”

This man is 6 feet 5 inches tall, and a manager. A pretty imposing guy.

And – again, this stuff happens to me all the time – he thought I was saying I was upset on having to do the work (he didn’t get that I was commenting on his facial expression – possibly just as well) – and he came over and hugged me (you know, one of those side hugs – one arm around the shoulder, nothing inappropriate) and thanked me for doing it in the first place.

And me? I just thought of this as a positive and normal exchange with a coworker.

Just another day in the life of a Pollyanna.

5.) And because a Random Weirdness list needs a pig:  Baby goat plays on pig. Does this remind anyone else of “Hop on Pop“? Or is that just me?

Why does pig licking bring such delight to Anti M and the Pollyannas?

I put it down to brain structure.

No drugs needed.

This is Pollyanna’s brain on Life.


I’m going to use the term “spaghetti cake” all the time now.


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