Pollyanna knits again! Film at 11

Lyda here.

Okay, there is not really a film at 11. But there is knitting.

For reasons we won’t explore, I needed to keep my hands busy and my brain empty. I pulled out some yarn and needles, and just did knit stitch for several hours. Not making anything, just knitting to sooth my hands with the soft lovely yarn and my brain with the repetitious movement of hands, needles, and yarn. It’s kind of a zen experience, knitting like that. At least for me.

And the bonus is that I started remembering how to do it. It had been a while since I knit anything, as I’ve been focused on quilting and sewing lately.

There are no pictures.

I knit. I unraveled everything I’d knit. Knit. Unravel. Repeat.

I did it umpteen times, sitting there in the dark, not counting stitches, not making anything, just soothing myself with this magic we call knitting.

A meditation with sticks and string.



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