Pollyanna counts her stitches – and her blessings

Lyda here.

I’ve been quilting for years. But Anna-Liza assimilated me into the knitting fellowship. Since then, I’ve knit scarves, and random rectangular things. But I’ve never followed a pattern. I’ve always just cast on whatever seemed like a good size and gone for it. With varying results.

Now, for the first time ever, I am knitting a pattern.

One where I have to count stitches and change from knit to purl within each row.

First. Time. Ever.

It took me three tries to get the gauge right, or semi-right. And then on the third try, I somehow accidentally increased by two stitches somewhere in the middle. That’s what I get for watching detective shows while trying to count.

So once again, it was frogged and I knit it again.

It’s supposed to be a dishcloth. That seemed like a big enough challenge for my first knitting pattern. Details and pictures to follow once I take some pictures and write down the yarn I’m using. Nothing like being prepared when I blog.

I’m done with it. And I still am not sure if it came out right. But it kind of looks like the picture on the pattern, so there it is.

Next I did a simpler dishcloth, and now I’m knitting a third with a different (very easy) pattern that I am making up on my own – we’ll see how that goes. So far it’s been frogged twice. But it’s kind of fun.

And today I’m counting my blessings as well as my stitches. Today’s blessing count includes:

  • The Sith Master – always. My son is the joy and the love of my life. On Mother’s Day, he took me to dinner and a movie. We saw Iron Man 3, my choice, and had a blast. Last weekend, we saw the new Star Trek movie. Life is just more awesome with him in it.
  • Anna-Liza, my BFF, fellow Pollyanna, and partner in mischief and adventure. If it wasn’t for the distance between here and Colorado, we’d still be getting each other into and out of trouble on a regular basis. In fact, we still do. Take that, Stupid Pointy Mountains!
  • The Irish Beauty, my dear friend who lives too far away now to go treasure hunting with me on the weekends, but who is always in my heart.
  • My siblings and family – awesome, every one.
  • My friends who took me into their home and made me welcome.
  • My co-workers, who keep things lively and fun.
  • The orange and black songbirds that have been nesting and flying around the condo and the parking lot at work. I think they are orieles, possibly this one. Beautiful!
  • The crazy, funny, loveable Disney Dog, who makes me laugh every single day.
  • And the fun of writing this blog. I love it!!

I’ll be doing the blessing count randomly as I think of it, and y’all should know that all of the above are givens each time. I won’t mention them each time, but they’ll be there on the list just the same.

But I digress…

Back to the counting! One stitch, two stiches, three…. ahahaha!


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