Pollyanna predicts Yarn Storms will continue

Lyda here.

Saturday was International Yarn Bombing Day. Yarn bombing

some prefer the less-violent terms:  yarn tagging,


yarn storming

(my personal favorite, like fiber is raining down from the sky

But I digress…)

is decking out public spaces in knitting, crocheting, and/or other yarn crafting. This is a fun form of temporary graffiti using fiber to warm up public spaces. Really, it has evolved into public art. Keep in mind that this might be illegal in your area. Even if it is okay with the property owners/ authorities, someone needs to be responsible for taking the yarn down later.

It can be as simple as putting a scarf on a statue, or as crazy-wonderful as covering a whole bus in knitting (see picture #13 in this gallery of yarn bomb pictures.)

Or even a whole building – check out LA’s Craft and Folk Art Museum:


covered in yarn courtesy of Yarnbombing Los Angeles. This installation will be displayed elsewhere in the city after it comes off the building, and will be turned into blankets for those in need.

Pittsburgh is spearheading “Knit the Bridge“, which will cover a bridge in panels of yarny goodness. Later the panels will be distributed to homeless shelters and such.

Check out this cheeky video of yarn bombing in Freeport, Maine. And this one of yarn bombers in Melbourne.

Look around – you may see evidence of yarn storms in your area this week.

“It’s rainin’ yarn… hallelujah… it’s rainin’ yarn…”


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