Pollyanna drops names, not stitches

Lyda here. Well, okay, I drop stitches too. But this time, it’s about names.

Knitting attracts some fabulous folks.

Famous knitters in real life include Eleanor Roosevelt, Joan Crawford, and Katherine Hepburn.


Russell Crowe. (Do you think he’s really knitting? But how could I resist?)

Knitters on TV and in movies include Lucy & Ethel. And animated chickens.

And of course, there are knitters in art.

Our list would not be complete without including these two literary knitters. “…the best of knitters, the worst of knitters…”

The worst:  Not unskilled, but certainly the most evil – Madame Defarge of A Tale of Two Cities (shown here in a illustration from the novel)

My favorite parody is Cloris Leachman in History of the World – so poor she doesn’t have yarn, just needles. “We don’t even have a language! Just a stupid accent!”

The best of knitters:

Agatha Christy’s Miss Marple

(depicted here by the marvelous Julia MacKenzie)


Makes you want to pour a cuppa and knit with her, doesn’t it?


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