Pollyanna is puzzled but philosophical

Today’s spam message reads:

“Breaking Your property Theater Are around Sound Layer”


Thoughts that spring from this:

  • Please don’t break my property theater…
  • whatever it is…
  • Wait…
  • Property is an illusion. Really, we own nothing.
  • So “property theater” could be a useful way of thinking about stuff.
  • Rather than holding onto the illusion that stuff is real and concrete…
  • I can think of stuff as part of the theater of this life.
  • The stuff is just set dressing.
  • It’s part of the play I’m choosing to experience right now.
  • It doesn’t matter if the stuff stays, goes, or changes.
  • Because the stuff is not real anyway.
  • So…
  • I can just let go of the theater of property.
  • I can still enjoy the stuff that comes into my life…
  • and just as easily let it go…
  • knowing that it is all theater.

Still pondering “sound layer”…

And speaking of illusions… and more illusions



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