Pollyanna muddles about

Lyda here.

I’ve been playing with sticks and string again.

The yarn:  Caron Super Soft in Dark Sage in worsted weight.

The needles:  size 6 circular

I used this yarn to create 7 dishcloths in all, with a tiny bit left over. I made two using this Witches Hat Dishcloth pattern from Convivial Crafter’s blog. I made two with rows of garter stitch and stockinette stitch, and a garter stitch border. I made one with squares of garter stitch and stockinette stitch. And I made two with all-over Double Moss Stitch. There are bigger pictures of most of these in this post, but here they are together, in all their glory. They are going to my friend Irish Beauty, who needs some knitted witches hats in her life, methinks. And who won’t mind the knitting mistakes.

Lyda_photos_6-18-13 006

I got the pattern for the Double Moss Stitch from this old book, Harmony’s “Knitting Starting Stitches” which was a gift from Anna-Liza when I was first assimilated   when I first started knitting. She sent me the book in a knitting care package, with some other things including yarn from her stash. Friends share their interests. Good friends share their obsessions. Great friends share their stash.

Lyda_photos_6-18-13 004

The best part of any gift from Anna-Liza are the little notes she puts on everything. This book’s note says: “Okay, the photos are dated and the large projects are lame, but the stitch patterns are good and go from easy to difficult.” I always save the notes.

I’ll write down and post the “patterns” I used for the dishcloths, in case any one is interested.

Next, I played with a bit of alpaca she sent me. Baby soft yellow.

“Left over from a pair of booties I made. I just wanted you to have a chance to play with alpaca,” says the note.

Mmmm, alpaca.

I just knit what there was on size 9 needles. I got a lovely lacy rectangle of buttery soft goodness. I’m going to keep it and pet it and call it George.


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