Pollyanna meanders like a zombie

Lyda here.

Okay, y’all have to check out Les Chats Ninjas (Ninja Cats). Too funny!

And this post on The Blogess, about a very odd text message she received. Make zombies much?

And anyway, I am totally adding The Blogess to our blog roll. Because wine. And tons of funny stuff. Holy Taxidermy, Batman!     Also, her shop rocks. How did she know I heart zombies? And the Sith Master needs one of these. And I need this on a coffee cup. Or a wine glass… And OMG, check this one out. Is that one only funny if you’re from Texas? Nope, didn’t think so.

The Sith Master and I saw Man of Steel on the Saturday of the weekend it came out. We liked it a lot. Great cast, interesting storyline, lots of action. Scenes with the new Superman with his shirt off. I don’t care what my roommate says, I can enjoy looking at Henry Cavill if I want to.

And I do want to.

Favorite quote from the movie:

Lois Lane: They say it’s all downhill after the first kiss.

Clark Kent/Superman: Only if you’re kissing a human.

That’s what he said.

But I digress…

Last weekend the Sith Master and I went to see World War Z. Of course we did.

Fast-paced action sequences, thought-provoking ideas, zombies that were different from normal (if there is a “normal zombie” – a contradiction in terms – these ain’t them; these zombies are fast and predatory). It’s pretty scary. Not for little kids, or even older kids. Not for adults who can’t handle the scary. It’s not too gory, though.

Yes, the “they’re coming to get you Barbara” zombie scenes are scary. But also, the plot is scary on an intellectual level, in a “is this how governments would react?” way.

And before the movie, I was telling him about people at work leaving food lying around to rot, and I said, “That’s how zombies are made.”

New catchphrase! Yes, another one. No, I don’t think I have too many already. Well, how many is too many?…

Look, go have some sweet tea and stop making me digress...

Power outage? That’s how zombies are made.

Killer stereo? That’s how zombies are made.

Texting while driving? That’s how zombies are made.

Late package delivery? That’s how zombies are made.

Lame party snacks? That’s how zombies are made. If it’s too late, the zombies prefer Doritos. Just a public service announcement.

Not getting your recommended weekly allowance of weirdness?

That’s how zombies are made.

I predict that this phrase will sweep across the world like, well, like a zombie plague.

But less bitey.


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