Pollyanna versus the Counting of Doom

Lyda here.

Every day I learn something about myself.

I now know that I can not count. Which might explain the financial issues, now that I think of it…

Case in point:  Knitting baby booties requires counting stitches. For these booties, it requires counting up to as high as 46.


Apparently I cannot do this reliably.

Ribbit ribbit! Lots of frogging. Poor yarn.

But the first bootie is finished except for the back seam.

I promise to post the link to the actual pattern, and the name of the yarn, and everything, later. I’m using size 3 circular bamboo needles.

For this pattern, one knits flat:

Booty the First

Bootie the First closeup

See that lovely striping? See the lovely line of shaping?

Then one gathers the stitches at the toe, and seams up the front and back:

Bootie the First 3-D

Oh the cuteness!

I have been carrying this bootie around with me and whipping it out to show people at random times. That’s right:

I’m a bootie flasher.

There probably is no cure, but with help I can still be a contributing member of society.


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