Pollyanna lives!

It’s alive! Alive!!! Bwahahahaha!

Lyda here.

I spent the holiday weekend moving from original Chez Disney (which was a condo owned by my friends/landlords) to the new and improved Chez Disney (which is a house in the hills that they just bought), and then recovering from moving.

And then work was insane this week.

Once again, real life interfered with my blogging.

But I’m alive to tell the tale.

I won’t actually tell you the tale, because it would bore y’all silly. Suffice it to say, I was Zombie for a Week.

Instead, here are two things for you to ponder on:

Deep blue planet is almost but not quite completely unlike Earth

What Barbie would look like as a real woman

Up next:  Completed baby booties! Exciting!


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