Pollyanna loves her booty

Uh… booties, that is. Baby booties, to be precise.

Lyda here. When last I wrote about these, I was still learning to count.

At last, and with a great flourish, I present for your admiration:

Purple Baby Booties for Sweet Pea!

Lyda_photos_7-11-13 002


I still call the baby Sweet Pea – although she does have an official name – because Sweet Pea was her “in vitro” name, the one we all called her before she was born. But I digress…

Let’s get another look at those tiny foot covers. Note the cute ruffly effect at the back:

Lyda_photos_7-11-13 004

Note the cute little toes:

Lyda_photos_7-11-13 003

Could the ribbon match the yarn any more perfectly?

Lyda_photos_7-11-13 001

No. No, it could not.

Y’all may notice that I took these pictures on the seat of the car in the bright morning light. I finished them the night before, and couldn’t wait to give them to Sweet Pea’s mom, my dear friend and coworker.

She was thrilled with them!

She not only took a picture to send to everyone she knew:


Exhibit A – again, note the cute ruffly effect at the back. And the stripes!

She hugged me and then said she was going to show everyone in the office.

Which she did.

Every. Single. Person.

She says she is going to put them in a shadow box and hang them on the nursery wall when Sweet Pea outgrows them.


So, details and credits and what-not…

Pattern:  Free Baby’s Best Booties Knitting Pattern As you see, there are lots of free patterns at TLC. This pattern was recommended by Anna-Liza’s daughter, a very talented knitter and, I am proud to say, my friend.

Yarn:   Serenity Garden Yarn in Crocus  purchased from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics – fine #2 yarn, very soft, lovely colors that self-stripe on the booties, and machine washable. I used less than 1 skein on these booties – probably 2/3 of a skein.

Needles:  size 3 circular bamboo needles (but straight needles work for this)

Ribbon:  Offray purple polka dotted ribbon I found at Jo-Ann’s – not washable, but too perfect a match to pass up

Adjustments to pattern:

Heel-to-ankle seam:  I stitched it with the cast-on edge on the outside, instead of inside. That’s how I got the ruffly effect on the back, mostly because my cast-on stitches are bigger than the rest of the knitting. Happy accident. Also, I did not stitch all the way up to the end – instead, I left the top of the back open to match the front of the booties. This give a bit more looseness to the ankles, and allows for size adjustments by tying the ribbon tighter or looser. But mostly, I just like the way it looked – sort of like Robin Hood’s booties.

Ribbon attachment:  Instead of weaving the ribbon through the stitches around the ankle, I created a loop of yarn at the back for the ribbon to go through. The ribbon can be easily removed for washing, or replaced if it gets frayed or lost.

“So, now that these are done, what are you going to do, Pollyanna?”

“Knit some more, of course!”

And also, check off an item on my Bucket List. Woo-hoo!





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