Pollyanna on the horns of a dinosaur

Lyda here.

Check it out – they found a new dinosaur in Utah.

I give you Nasutoceratops titusi:

An illustration of a dinosaur.

Handsome fellow, isn’t he?

And another, different dinosaur in Canada.

Meet Xenoceratops foremostensis (Latin for “alien horned-face from Foremost”)

The dinosaur Xenoceratops.


Ah, horny dinos, how I love thee!

And so does Doctor Who.

Which reminds me, Comic-Con International open today in San Diego. It runs through the weekend.

Here’s the official webpage, with the events, special guests, and sci-fi / fantasy / comics / out-there fun.

I wonder if anyone’s costume will be a Triceratops stuck in the door of the Tardis? Because that would be way cool.

But I digress…







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