Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Wednesdays

Lyda here.

So, I used to write a Random Weirdness post every Wednesday. They have become more… random… in their timing, but I still like to keep it weird.

So, here’s some Random Weirdness for y’all – Science Version.

1.) Dogs do see in color.

2.) And some women see more colors than other people do. Maybe my mom was a tetrachromat. She saw color in a different and more complex way than anyone I ever knew. (And yes, I have brothers who are color blind, so it fits with the science in the article.) But I digress…

3.) And while we are talking about science, studies show that dolphins have names, and their friends and family use them.

Snarky talk man…

4.) Wave at the camera, earthlings. The Cassini spacecraft recently took new photographs of Saturn and the solar system, including photos of Earth on July 19. NASA suggested that people wave… and here is a Facebook link and a Flickr link to photos people took of themselves waving at Cassini and Saturn.

5.) This installment of Random Weirdness includes: A dino tale! Actually, a dino tail. Really. In northern Mexico.

6.) And, on a monstrous note:  Possible vampire burial site found.

7.) We end with a disgusting but useful tidbit: Bacon – it’s not just for breakfast anymore. Do not read that link while eating bacon… or anything else.

I included this one because they quoted a paper in which a scientist uses the phrase “a sustainable cycle of filth.”

That’s what he said.






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