Pollyanna versus the Dying Blogs

Our blogroll now has two categories:

  1. Blogroll – Active
  2. Blogroll – Worth Reading the Archives

I certainly hope that first category is self-explanatory.

Unfortunately, not every blog fits it the way it once did.

Much like me and my jeans. But I digress…

Some of our friends and favorite bloggers have stopped blogging, or just don’t blog very much any more. And we miss them and keep checking their blogs in case things change. If they do, y’all can bet they will be moved right back into the first category.

Seems they have developed lives that are too busy for blogging, or something. Weird.

But their blogs are still funny and insightful.

As are the blogs in the Category the First.

I encourage you to stroll over to the right column to explore these gems for yourself.

Go ahead. We’ll be here with the sweet tea when y’all get back.


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