About the Pollyannas

Anna-Liza and Lyda have known each other since college (nore than 30 years!). During their first conversation, Anna-Liza became distracted and said, “Hey, that guy’s got a great ass!” Lyda knew at that moment that they were destined to be friends. It didn’t take too long for Anna-Liza to catch up. Some day, we’ll tell ya’ll some of the stories of our wild youth.

Anna-Liza has been knitting for umpteen years. Lyda has been quilting for umpteen years. Anna-Liza lives in Colorado, and Lyda lives in Southern California.

When the blog began (March 2007), Lyda did not knit. Thanks to a visit from Anna-Liza, Lyda was quickly assimilated and can now knit vaguely-rectangular scarves.

Mutual obsessions include fiber, books, movies, and chocolate. And checking out guys, of course. Lyda is also obsessed with zombies and TV. Anna-Liza tries to understand.

3 thoughts on “About the Pollyannas

  1. savanvleck

    My Word! fiber, books, movies, chocolate. No wonder I like you guys. That and guys butts is just a perfect set of values to have. Now, about those stories from your wild youth…..

  2. Miss Optimistic

    I have just found you girls and I am loving you both. I have 2 years of your blogs to catch up on. Today is my first day of blogging.


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