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Pollyanna and the Lost Weekend

Lyda here.

I wasn’t actually lost this weekend, just… misplaced. But only slightly. (It was not at all like this Lost Weekend.)

I was in LA visiting friends. One of the things we did was go to a fabulous restaurant in Santa Monica called The Lobster. It’s right at the entrance to the pier, with an 180-degree view of the ocean and the pier. The whole evening was amazing – incredible food, excellent mixed drinks (I wasn’t driving), and an elegantly casual atmosphere. Elegantly casual is hard to pull off if you aren’t Audrey Hepburn, but they do it well.

If you go, ask if Patrick can be your waiter. He was terrific. Listen to his recommendations on the food and you can’t go wrong.

And also?  Best. Oysters. Ever.

Pollyanna predicts Yarn Storms will continue

Lyda here.

Saturday was International Yarn Bombing Day. Yarn bombing

some prefer the less-violent terms:  yarn tagging,


yarn storming

(my personal favorite, like fiber is raining down from the sky

But I digress…)

is decking out public spaces in knitting, crocheting, and/or other yarn crafting. This is a fun form of temporary graffiti using fiber to warm up public spaces. Really, it has evolved into public art. Keep in mind that this might be illegal in your area. Even if it is okay with the property owners/ authorities, someone needs to be responsible for taking the yarn down later.

It can be as simple as putting a scarf on a statue, or as crazy-wonderful as covering a whole bus in knitting (see picture #13 in this gallery of yarn bomb pictures.)

Or even a whole building – check out LA’s Craft and Folk Art Museum:


covered in yarn courtesy of Yarnbombing Los Angeles. This installation will be displayed elsewhere in the city after it comes off the building, and will be turned into blankets for those in need.

Pittsburgh is spearheading “Knit the Bridge“, which will cover a bridge in panels of yarny goodness. Later the panels will be distributed to homeless shelters and such.

Check out this cheeky video of yarn bombing in Freeport, Maine. And this one of yarn bombers in Melbourne.

Look around – you may see evidence of yarn storms in your area this week.

“It’s rainin’ yarn… hallelujah… it’s rainin’ yarn…”

Pollyanna’s on the move

Lyda here.

It’s been a bit crazier than usual around Chez Disney, where I live with my two friends and their nutty but lovable Disney Dog.

You see, my friends decided to sell their condo and buy a house. They gave me the news Sunday night, and there’s an open house for the condo this Saturday. Yes, they move fast!

So, all three of us have been packing stuff up in a frenzy. They are moving tons of stuff into a storage unit, for that “my, isn’t this spacious” look. We have all been getting by on less sleep. At least the dog is getting his exercise, running up and down the stairs with us.

Most of my books are already in storage – gasp! – and I’ve got to get the fabric and sewing machine packed up next. Oh, the suffering! I can’t believe how much fabric I have. Once the move is over, I will need to do some serious stash busting. But no time for that now!

So it’s knitting for me for a while – small, portable, and without the myriad bits and pieces of quilting. I kept out my knitting books, and I plan to practice some stitch patterns while making dishcloths. Small, portable… you get it.

Oh, the things I do for my friends!


Pollyanna versus Seasonal Confusion

Lyda here.

Southern California weather is weird. It’s sunny and 75 degrees. Two hours later, it’s raining like crazy. Next day, the thermometer has dropped below 60 (hey, that’s cold to us). Day after that, hot Santa Ana winds are blowing all over the Southland.

People get confused by all this.

But think how the trees must feel.

All of these pictures were taken one lunch time in the one small parking lot.

Is it winter?

It’s winter, right?

Wait, maybe it's spring...

Wait, maybe it’s spring…

Um... early fall?

Um… early fall?

"Summertime... and the livin' is easy..."

“Summertime… and the livin’ is easy…”

Pollyanna Ponders the Possibilities

Lyda here.

IMPORTANT NEWS BULLETIN:  Knitter’s Hunk starts on Monday! See that link for details etc. Now spend the weekend deciding which men you want to enter. Hmm, a whole weekend looking at pictures of hunks… How we suffer for our knitting!

And in other breaking news:

Well, we survived Carmagedon and lived to tell the tale. I’m sure there are t-shirts out there somewhere. In fact, if you’ll excuse me for a moment… Yup. T-shirts.

In fact, the main idea on minds of Angelinos seemed to be “How can I profit from the freeway closure?” This is the kind of hard-hitting reporting that I love. I love the “Caltrans Orange” cotton candy too. A whole website was devoted to all the local deals for the closure weekend.

“Patriotism swells in the heart of the American bear.”

Meanwhile, the Sith Master and I amused ourselves with thinking of clips from movies about the non-existent panic. Coming soon to a blog near you… Feel free to contribute in the comments.

And of course, we saw the “Harry Potter” movie.

All I will say for now – in case y’all haven’t seen it yet –  is:  Awesome! It was a great and exciting movie, and a fitting wrap-up for the series. A definite must-see.

This weekend, we’re going to see “Captain America.”

Pollyanna Prepares for Carmageddon

Lyda here. Working on figuring out what to do this weekend, since we are facing… dum dum dumm… Carmageddon. Not the video game, the LA real-life version.    No, kids, you can’t ride your skateboards down the ramps.

Of course, since I live in Orange County, I’m not in as much trouble as Laurie. But still, I’m planning on adding thirty minutes to any travel time this weekend.

Around here there can be an epic traffic jam just because it’s misting, y’all. I’m just so grateful that it’s not a class weekend, so I don’t have to go anywhere near LA.

Of course, there is one thing that absolutely has to happen this weekend:  The Sith Master and I will definitely be seeing the climatic Harry Potter movie.

Probably at the earliest show on Saturday.

The Fair opens this weekend too. I might go to look at my photo, hanging in the competition. Shiny! The judging won’t be for a week or two.

Plus there will be pig racing. 

A fair without pig racing is like a day without sunshine…

And in other digressions…

Saw this post on handeyecrafts… followed her linkto a blog all about bookshelves, more interesting than you might think, y’all…

to the creator’s tutorial for the mini bookshelf quilt.

Great quilt! I love the idea of using the text from fabric selvage as the book titles. You could also use words from fabric (folding the edges under, so it looks tidy). Or embroider your titles if you are good at that or have a sewing machine that does that. Or you could leave off the titles, of course.

Wouldn’t it be a cute baby quilt? Or a book or photo album cover – with thin or no batting. Or hey – a book bag!

I’m thinking this might be just the thing for some of my epic stash of word fabric.

It would also make a terrific big quilt for Gorgeous and Available Engineer Brother. If his decor was a meal, it would be “books with a large side of books, and for dessert, books” – so this would fit right in. He’s back in Texas now, working on his dissertation and looking for work. Anyone need a fabulous engineer?

But before any bookshelf quilts get made, I promised the Sith Master a new quilt. Maybe soon I will have the room dug out enough to start cutting fabric…

But I digress…

Our visit to Hogwarts is the important thing this weekend…

Where there’s only one car, and it flies…