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Pollyanna swears she’s really back now

Lyda here.

I have been neglecting this, but I miss blogging, so I’m back.

I hope that’s okay.

Is anyone still there?



Pollyanna doesn’t know what happened…


That year-long period without any posts?

I have no coherent explanation.

Maybe I stepped out of time for a bit with a mad man in a blue box.

Maybe my time turner go spun too much.

Anyway, I miss writing here.

So I’m back.


Pollyanna returns!

Lyda here.

Sorry I was out of touch last week due to circumstances beyond my control. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

No updates to report. Still looking for an apartment. Still watching lots of TV. Still waiting for a mad man in a blue box to whisk me away from all this.

Coming up… knitting, zombies, and general debauchery.

Soon as I get some more sweet tea.


Pollyanna and Her New Love

Lyda here.

The mourning period is over.

Meet my new special friend.




The lady at the store said that this brand is the Rolls Royce of sewing machines (and who am I to disagree with a salesperson trying to sell me something?). This is the simplest (read “cheapest”) of their machines, and it was the floor model on massive post-holiday discount. 75% off or something. Plus – Drop in bobbin! Automatic needle threader! Love at first sight.


Oh, the quilts we will make, the zombies we will sew!