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Pollyanna gets bogged down

Lyda here.

I have all kinds of plans to write posts about stuff – my new apartment, my new cats, my new furnishings, my new projects & reading… but most of these posts cry out for photos, and I haven’t downloaded them.

Actually, those first three are not really new. They are used and/or old.

I’ve now been in my “new” apartment for 13 months or so. The apartment was built in the 50s, I’m guessing. I moved in just in time to view my neighbors butchering a cow in the driveway. The shared driveway. I have a picture of the butchery, but I hesitate to share it. The cow arrived in the driveway already dead, and the neighbor plopped it on a tarp on the driveway and cut it into parts. I tried not to watch. I did see the blood pouring down the driveway and the neighbor’s kids running barefoot through it.

And that’s how we do Thanksgiving in my hood.

Those people have since moved out, and the new neighbors in that unit are quiet, polite, and have yet to pour blood down the driveway. It’s early days, though.

But I digress…

My furnishings are old – I got almost everything at either Salvation Army or Goodwill. I made curtains, and have a lot of painting furniture / sewing pillows / other projects on my list. Of course. Posts and pictures will be forthcoming. But I digress… 

The cats are also used – ahem, pre-owned – by one of my coworkers. The big black cat is Jinx, and she is calm, sweet, and loving. The reddish yellow cat came in as the boss of the massive climbing structure that came with the cats (don’t all cats move in with their own furniture?). She is the Red Queen as she often yowled “Off with their heads!” At least, I assume that’s what she was saying…

And then there is the kitten. Originally, my coworker was going to keep the kitten, but he left her with me while he went on a long vacation and when he came back she wasn’t having anything to do with him. I think she decided I was easier to manipulate.

The kitten was such a pale striped yellow as to be almost white, and she had a habit of hiding and then attacking passing cats, feet, and random bits of paper. She was also easily spooked, often breaking high jump records in her startlement. (“Startlement” is too a word, spellcheck.) So the kitten’s name is Spook. She has grown and calmed down a bit, and now her fur has darkened into a pale gold. But still, no paper is safe.

As the kitten grew – they will do that – she began a systematic campaign to take over the world, starting with the climbing structure. She and the Queen had some epic battles, but in the end, the Queen abdicated and the kitten was triumphant.

So Spook rules, and still attacks the others, my feet, and anything made of paper without warning. I almost named her Cato… The Queen has become a lap cat, and Jinx is still mellow.

And yes, I think this does qualify me as a crazy cat lady.

Cow-butchering neighbors an optional extra.

Pollyanna, cyber stalker of weirdness

Lyda here.

I can’t stay long, because I’m reading every. single. one. of the old posts on The Bloggess. Also I ordered her book, and I have to go to see if it is waiting for me in my P.O. box.

Yes, I have a post office box instead of a real mailing address. Because I’ve moved too many times in the last three years to keep the post office updated and I do want my mail, even if it is almost exclusively junk mail consisting of fat AARP envelopes telling me I need more insurance to pay for my funeral, and other cheery advertisements to make me feel older than God. Seriously, they must mail this stuff to me three or four times a week. My conclusion is that the people over there retired too early and have too much time on their hands. Someone check into that, would you?

But I digress…

And maybe 4 moves in 3 years doesn’t seem like that many times, but the first one was so traumatic that it really should count for a billion times. And then I accidentally moved into the House of Filth (hello cockroaches, I’ll be subletting this room from you…), and then back to Chez Disney Condo, which my landlords/roommates then SOLD and I was forced to move again, and we moved into Chez Disney House which will always be full of half-empty boxes and random workmen fixing stuff I did not know was broken. And which is too far away, even if I do get to see horses on the way home from work which makes my Texas heart happy.

Plus I’m currently living without cable and it’s making me cranky. How can I be a balanced, contributing member of society without HGTV and BBC America?

And I’m looking for a new place right now even though the voice in the back of my head says I’m crazy to even think about it.

And anyway, I should have reached my lifetime quota of moves already, as I lived more places before I was 10 than the gypsies did in all of the last century.

But I digress again…

Also, I have a p.o. box because I’m afraid of stalkers.

Even though now I’m in danger of being one. See first paragraph.


I’m like that.

Obsessive, I mean.

When I become interested in something, I can go on and on about it for hours – and frequently do, which might explain why my friends and family live far far away…


Anyway, I have to go now because if I wait too long the horses will be inside the barns, and I won’t get to see the rabbits eating the grass in the park. Which always makes me shout “BUNNIES!!!” in a giddy voice, over and over, as if I were a stunned 3-year-old.

And then I start wondering if the horses and bunnies will become zombies when the Zombie Apocalypse happens. And if they do, will they say “Graaaaaaaaaaasssssssss”?

Stuff like this explains why no one car pools with me.

But I digress…

I’m going to the post office now.

Probably y’all should issue an alert of some kind.


Pollyanna and the Packing of Doom

Lyda here.

Today’s weirdest spam message included the phrase:  beagles that grow aerobically. Do you think they mean like this?

I’m just trying to distract myself.

The move is fast approaching. I did mention that my roomies have sold Chez Disney and bought a house?  I thought I did.

The actual move date continues to be fluid, but it could be as early as June 30 and will be no later than July 5.

And that means that I’ve got one full weekend left, and possibly two, to get everything ready to go to the new, larger place – Chez Disney 2.

And that means that I’ve got to spend the weekend packing.


Send chocolate and zombie movies.


Pollyanna’s on the move

Lyda here.

It’s been a bit crazier than usual around Chez Disney, where I live with my two friends and their nutty but lovable Disney Dog.

You see, my friends decided to sell their condo and buy a house. They gave me the news Sunday night, and there’s an open house for the condo this Saturday. Yes, they move fast!

So, all three of us have been packing stuff up in a frenzy. They are moving tons of stuff into a storage unit, for that “my, isn’t this spacious” look. We have all been getting by on less sleep. At least the dog is getting his exercise, running up and down the stairs with us.

Most of my books are already in storage – gasp! – and I’ve got to get the fabric and sewing machine packed up next. Oh, the suffering! I can’t believe how much fabric I have. Once the move is over, I will need to do some serious stash busting. But no time for that now!

So it’s knitting for me for a while – small, portable, and without the myriad bits and pieces of quilting. I kept out my knitting books, and I plan to practice some stitch patterns while making dishcloths. Small, portable… you get it.

Oh, the things I do for my friends!


Pollyanna and the Siblings of Awesomeness!

Lyda here.

My siblings are in no way connected to Doom. They are in every way connected to Awesome.

Today is National Siblings Day. A good day to tell siblings – genetic or otherwise – how much they mean to you.

What do I mean, genetic or otherwise?

One of my own (genetic) siblings taught me something important about families, which was reinforced in my psychology studies.

There is your family of origin, into which you were born or adopted. Depending on the family, it could include parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, ancestors – the whole family tree.

And there is your family of choice. These are the people that you choose as your family. This could include one or more partners, close friends, and mentors. A broader definition could include those to whom you feel a deep bond – whether or not you have ever met them, and those who inspire you –  artists, writers, spiritual leaders, political figures, and so on.

Sometimes both your family of origin and your family of choice enrich your lives. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, those from your family of origin are not in your life.

I feel lucky when it comes to family.

My family of origin includes my genetic siblings:  four brothers and a sister who enrich my life with love, laughter, and all manner of wonderfulness. My family has expanded to include one fabulous brother-in-law, two beautiful sister-in-laws, and a joyful abundance of nieces, nephews, grand-nieces, and grand-nephews.

My family of choice includes Anna-Liza and her family, Irish Beauty, and so many more, many friends, mentors, guides, and companions. I am lucky to have many amazing siblings this way.

And of course, any definition of “my family” starts and ends with my wonderful son, known on this blog as the Sith Master.

Today, I want to hug them all and thank them for being in my life.

I love you, family!

Pollyanna Can Dream, Right?

Lyda here.

I just found this slideshow about creative design solutions for home offices. I love the idea of tranforming a wall into a white board (with IdeaPaint), especially since it comes in a clear version that you can paint over any color.

How cool would that be for a studio? Or a kid’s room? Or a wall in the kitchen or entry to leave notes and messages?

The best would be to paint magnetic paint, then the color you want, and then the clear IdeaPaint over it. I wonder if that would work? Because then you could also use magnets to put stuff on the wall – inspiration photos, encouraging quotes, whatever – as well as doodle on it.

And then I saw the price for the IdeaPaint.

Um… okay, maybe chalkboard paint instead, which comes in any color and is washable. And can definitely go over magnetic paint, because I saw it on HGTV and they would never lie to me.

Maybe this is why people just put stuff on their fridges…

Pollyanna Cleans up her act… uh, any day now…

Or at least tries to…

Lyda here.

My room is a complete shambles.

And, no, Anna-Liza, I don’t mean my usual “oh, I need to get some filing done and straighten the books” that usually gets me crazy –  and which for most people would not even be considered “messy.

No. It’s a disaster.

There are teetering piles of papers, books, and assorted school debris all over every available flat surface.  Mixed into the piles are old family photos, a huge unwieldy family tree, art supplies, drawings, clippings… all of them related to one school project or another.  The desk – one corner of which serves as my nightstand – is covered with pens, pencils, markers, post-its, and – on the corner that serves as my nightstand – an ever-more precarious pile of Terry Pratchett paperbacks. The table is piled with binders, notebooks, and more papers – and a salt shaker, fabric napkins, and chopsticks, since I eat here too.

There are towels on the back of the chair. There is a pile of discarded papers on the floor next to the trash can (the trash can itself being full).  I haven’t seen my sewing machine in months (I know it’s in the room somewhere). The bed has been in a permanent state of unmade since before finals started two months ago.

And there is a thick blanket of dust everywhere. I’m sure it has been seven or eight months since I dusted and maybe longer since I vaccuumed.

As Bette Davis would say, “What a dump.”

This morning, there was a knock on my door and the two exchange students were there, wondering about hooking up to the innernets and needing some code that was mysteriouslyhidden in the wires and such on the desk.

And I was embarassed to let them into the room.

Thankfully, the fabric and yarn is all neatly organized and stashed in the closet, safe from dust and possible coveting by the Danes. At least I have  my priorities straight.

So, this weekend I’ll be trying to restore some order to the chaos. And possibly finding the floor.

When the going gets tough, the tough… go on the innernets.

To find out  what the mess means about me.  Hmm. Funny, they don’t mention “stressed out grad student” as one of the reasons for the mess…

Okay. Time to get to it.

As soon as I finish this quiz:  What’s Your Cleaning Style?

It turns out that I’m an “easy breezy cleaner” at this point in my life.

I know. I would usually land solidly in the “crazy cleaning obsession” category, but I’ve just been too busy with school and I’ve learned to let the cleaning slide a bit.

See? Grad school has been good for me.

But I digress…