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Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Pollyannas

Lyda here.

The brain of a Pollyanna is a weird and wondrous thing. Here is a glimpse for y’all.

The Random Weirdness of Pollyannas

1.) Anna-Liza and my sister will love this one.

So, my brain gave me a great laugh this morning. Y’all know the song “Young Americans” by David Bowie? Released in 1975, and also on the album of the same name? A song I have heard probably hundreds of times?

This morning, it came on the radio. I was singing along as I sat in traffic.

And for the first time ever, I realized that the lyrics are “they pulled in just behind the bridge, he lays her down…” .

NOT “behind the fridge.” Which I’d always thought it was. And always wondered about. I mean, behind the fridge, not the first place one expects to find young lovers. Although it might explain why it  “it took him minutes, took her nowhere…”

Welcome to my world.

2.) Kindness is always appropriate, and random acts of kindness happen all the time. Be sure to look at the video link below the story, and watch the first video for sure.

Stuff like this makes me happy. And really, don’t we all depend on the kindness of strangers?

3.) I was having an email conversation with two coworkers. One of them said “You two are goofy.” So now we are Goofy and Goofy, and when she passes my desk or calls me, she says “Hi Goofy!” and I say it back.

4.) Recently, a bunch of us were in the mail room, and one of my coworkers said that he needed me to tweak the report I had done for him. He sort of frowned as he said it, and I said without thinking – and this is just me all over – “Oh, the boo-boo face.”

This man is 6 feet 5 inches tall, and a manager. A pretty imposing guy.

And – again, this stuff happens to me all the time – he thought I was saying I was upset on having to do the work (he didn’t get that I was commenting on his facial expression – possibly just as well) – and he came over and hugged me (you know, one of those side hugs – one arm around the shoulder, nothing inappropriate) and thanked me for doing it in the first place.

And me? I just thought of this as a positive and normal exchange with a coworker.

Just another day in the life of a Pollyanna.

5.) And because a Random Weirdness list needs a pig:  Baby goat plays on pig. Does this remind anyone else of “Hop on Pop“? Or is that just me?

Why does pig licking bring such delight to Anti M and the Pollyannas?

I put it down to brain structure.

No drugs needed.

This is Pollyanna’s brain on Life.


I’m going to use the term “spaghetti cake” all the time now.


Pollyanna Apologizes

Lyda here.

I thought I’d already shared this with y’all.

7 Movies that put Insane Detail into Stuff You’ll Never Notice, and

7 Movies that put Insane Work into Details You Didn’t Notice

including :

  • hand-made personalized armor for every character in the Lord of the Rings triology (I did not notice this when I saw the movies),
  • hand-knitted outfits in the stop-motion animation movie Coraline (a movie I have not seen). Including socks. On knitting needles smaller than most nails. Still a knitting blog!
  • the Quidditch World Cup stuff in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (a movie I have seen many times – I did not notice the eggs)
  • the real paranormal research mentioned in Ghostbusters (a movie I have seen umpteen times – I did notice some of this)
  • the zombie easter eggs in Shaun of the Dead (a movie I have seen a zillion times, as y’all know – – without noticing these eggs).

“But Pollyanna,” I hear you cry, “What is an easter egg?”

I’m so glad you asked. An easter egg is a hidden secret, treasure, message, or (in video games) cheat. Check out these easter eggs in famous albums, including Monty Python’s Matching Tie & Handkerchief which had double tracks – either of which might have played when you put your needle on the record. Kids, “records” were what we bought back when we rode our dinosaurs to the store.

And of course, for the Sith Master, I have to include the video game easter eggs.

Want more eggs?

Of course, if all this is making your head spin, you could go for some of these instead.


Pollyanna thinks Elton John is stalking her

Lyda here.

I woke up to Sir Elton singing, “Candle in the Wind” (the original version to Marilyn).

Okay. A little sad for the first thing in the morning, but okay.

Took a shower, came back into the bedroom. The radio was playing “Piano Man”.

Got dressed, got into car, turned on engine, the radio (set on a different station) was just finishing playing “Honky Cat”.

Then they played “Daniel.”


Nothing against the song, but again, a bit sad for the mood I was in.

Switched stations.

New station was playing “The Bitch is Back.”

Wondering if it was his birthday or something…

Got to work, worked, went to lunch.

When I turned on the car, the radio was playing “Candle in the Wind” – the newer version to Princess Di.


Switched to the oldies station. What were they playing?

“Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart.”

Swear to God.

After a hard day of work, I got in the car to go home. Just as I merged into the traffic jam we call a freeway, the radio station announced a triple play – three songs by the same artist.

Guess who?




Y’all will understand why I hit “play” on a Beatles CD instead.



Oh hi. I’m back.

Pollyanna’s Desert Island Choices

Howdy, y’all, Anna-Liza here. Music has been on my mind a lot, lately. I had the opportunity last week to attend an eTown taping which featured Reed Foehl and Arlo Guthrie, which was a real treat. Mr. Guthrie has last none of his musical or storytelling ability. He also has the most beautiful hair EVAH! I had not heard of Mr. Foehl previously to this show, although I had heard of Acoustic Junction, but I am now a CD-owning fan.

This particular music-centric post is in response to a Facebook note from a friend and the “Desert Island Discs” BBC radio show premise – if you were stranded on the proverbial desert island, had what you needed for survival and a way to listen to your choices, what eight pieces of music would you want to have with you, plus which one book and one luxury item. (The original was “gramophone records”).

If I chose albums, the list would be different, but it appears as if the tradition is to choose single pieces. Also, if I thought about this again a month from now, or even a week, my list would be at least a bit different, but here goes:

“Busy Being Blue” – k.d. lang

Love Lies” – S. J. Tucker

“Small Change” – Tom Waits

Pablo Picasso” – David Bowie

In These Shoes?” Kirsty MacColl

Rattlebone” – Robbie Robertson

Panic in Detroit” – David Bowie

“Coventry Carol” – Mediaeval Baebes

It’s a lot harder for me to narrow it down to just one book, but this one stands much rereading – Lamb: the Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore.

Luxury item? I liked my friend’s idea of a solar powered iPad loaded with books. Also, Rita Dove’s choice of a ballroom with robotic dance instructor sounds appealing. Then again, P.D. James went the ascetic route, and asked only for pencils and paper.

For me, a fully furnished and supplied, solar powered craft room. Then again, if by “luxury item” they mean something more realistic, a large trunk full of knitting supplies and equipment, including graph paper and colored pencils, would do.

So, what’s on your list?

Pollyanna Has Some Fun Musical Flashbacks – with Potential Demons!

Hey, Anna-Liza here. The Memorial Day weekend was so full of blog-worthiness that I’m going to have to break things up into at least three posts. Here’s one of them.

Saturday night was date night for Darlin’ K and me, and boy were we happy about it! The kidlets spent the night with friends, so we didn’t even have to worry about getting home in time to take the sitter home or anything! 

The event was at the Oriental Theater in Denver, in the neighborhood where Posh used to be (sniff), and it was called “Demons in the Sky!” It was billed as Kabuki-style theater with aerialists and heavy metal, which was a fairly accurate way to describe it. There were three (3) opening acts. Pretty good stuff for a ten-buck ticket. I have to say right here I was expecting to enjoy myself, but didn’t have very high expectations for the quality of the show.

One thing about having low expectations, you nearly always get pleasantly surprised. (How do you think I manage to have a mostly positive attitude? I expect so very little from my fellow humans that they frequently delight me with decent behavior).

The first act was called Wiretrap, and I had pretty much zero expectations for them. I’d never heard of these two guys, one of whom acted like he was playing a keyboard, but I think he wasn’t actually doing anything except dancing around looking intensely at his hands. The other one came out wearing stick-on horns and strips of electrical tape on his face, grabbed the mic and said “My name is Satan … ” to which my immediate reaction was “Oh, how cute.”

I’m sure that’s just what they were aiming for.

I expected angry twentysomething industrial thrash with a lot of “Fuck this shit!” being screamed into the mic amidst otherwise unintelligible lyrics. And that’s pretty much what it was. But … it was GOOD!

It was all seriously danceable, and there was this melodic Gary Numan-esque 80s flavor to it that gave it a nice twist. And “Satan” had a sense of humor. The intro continued ” … and this here is Wes …”  Satan and Wes. Well, it’s funny to me. And by the way, “Satan” is not what he really calls himself.

The next act I had heard of and good stuff, too – Little Fyodor and Babushka. I was happy to have the chance to find out if they were as good as their rep. Again, pleasant surprise – they were! Totally fun band with a stellar cover of “These Boots Were Made for Walkin'” and some of the best classic punk I’ve heard since 1979. How can you not love a band whose new CD is called Peace Is Boring?

Next up was itchy-O. Marching band mariachi ninjas with a Chinese lion. Need I say more? They had a relatively short set, and they were … perfect. And the lead guy in the two-person lion suit stopped as they danced through the audience, sat down in the chair next to mine and said “Hey, how’re you doin’? Come here often? Oops, gotta go!” Most charming.

And finally we came to the headliner – OFM’s “Demons in the Sky”. I have to say I didn’t really buy into or care about the plot – and I think Darlin’ K liked it even less. However, I really liked the concept and thought they pulled off some really good moments on what I have to assume was a miniscule budget. But you know what? I can’t do a serious and just review without making this an ungodly long post, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the demons.

Sorry. Hope I haven’t dashed your expectations.