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Pollyanna is inspired

Lyda here.

I was reading the blogs in our blogroll – check them out, great blogs every one…

I was over on Mason-Dixon Knitting, and I clicked a link

And fell in love.

Self Portrait, 1959

I had never heard of Vivian Maier .

Now her photographs haunt me.

No one knew about her work until after her death. All this beauty and insight was almost lost forever.

I am definitely entering a photograph in the county fair this year. And I say to all of you:

Please share your gifts with the world. You will never know how much richer someone’s life may become, or what you will inspire in them.


Pollyanna Rings in the New Year, Random Weirdness Style

Lyda here.

Random Weirdness Ringing in 2010

1o.) Ten – Powers of… Check out this site about the Powers of 10. Pure geeky fun.

 Bonus 10: Ten food and drink trends for 2010 from epicurious.com

9.) Nine cities with birth rates climbing in 2010?  Ripley’s Fertility Statue Tour

8.) Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun – I love these!

7.) Seven new man-made wonders of the world here’s how it began and you can vote for the seven new natural wonders of the world!

6.) Six Degrees of Separation  led to Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, which led to SixDegrees.Org founded by Kevin Bacon – of course.  I myself have a Bacon number of  3 – I performed in a production of Woody Allen’s “Play it Again, Sam” with Alan Sues  who has a Bacon number of 2. BTW, this is the scene I did.

5.) Five golden rings – and at least five gold medals for the USA! Steven Colbert saves the Olympics.

Also:  The Top Five Weird Jobs. They had me at “zombie”. And then they added porn! What Pollyanna could resist?

And here’s a very serious Five: Five Wishes, a living will that is legal in 42 states (including California and Colorado). If you don’t currently have a living will, consider this one – which only costs $5 per copy. Be sure to follow the instructions at the end.

4.) “Four and a half Billion Years and all we have to show for it is rat shit .” Very Pythonesque:   The Top Ten Stories of the last 4.5 billion years, from Onion.com. Be sure not to miss the complete history of art. Twelve!

3.) Threes – the Book of. Site all about threes. This article is about fashion and says this collection conveys “the sense of innocence on the cusp of broken dreams.” Three fates, three witches, three Musketeers (yes, that’s Barbie and her friends as Musketeers – pretty weird)… Let’s all count to 3 with the Count (poor Kermit)…

2.) Two – days until I have to be out of this place. The kitchen is packed thanks to Sith Master and his two friends. The garage only has stuff I’m throwing away in it (what the **** am I going to do with that stuff???). The patio is clear off. The ice chest and the cat carrier have been cleaned off and left to dry. The U-Haul is reserved for tomorrow.

And I still haven’t heard about the apartment. Once I finish this, I’m off to pay for a month’s rental on a storage unit. Sigh.

And two wonderful cats looking for a home  if I don’t get the apartment.

Double sigh.

I’d rather be playing this TWO with the Sith Master!  Warning: that link is full of violence, adult language – and clown zombies… Be afraid, be very afraid.

1.) One million dollars! All you have to do is photograph Bigfoot within the given parameters. Colorado types, take note!

And one… (the rest of) one night until I’m fifty.

Count to ONE!   

 One cookie lost at the disco!  

Make it so, Number One!


Pollyanna Makes a Mess

Lyda here.

I love found objects. My car trunk usually has a variety of weird bits and bobs rattling around in it – although no human Bobs have been spotted anywhere in my car, sad to say, but let’s not go there – and my garage has a collection of odd items that will someday certainly make it into one of my collages. Or so I tell myself.

My love of junk and discards and rusted metal have caused my son no end of embarrassment – “look at that, let’s pull over and put it in the trunk” “oh Mom!” – and also led to Gorgeous and Available Engineer Brother saying, “Sounds like you need to learn to weld.” Which is why it’s on my list.

So y’all know I love it when I find other artists playing with junk creating art with found items. I found this site quite by accident. Check out Nathaniel Stitzlein’s stuff –  cool wire-and-found-object sculptures and mobiles.  Michelle Stitzlein’s work is quite beautiful, yes? I love the teapot and cupcakes. And of course: CAKE! In addition to the couple’s graphic design work – check out the leaping llamas! – she teaches and writes books on her methods, and has appeared on the HGTV show “That’s Clever!” – here’s her tutorial on How to Make a Lollipop Flower.

Which is a nice segue into my semi-review of “That’s Clever!“- careful at work, that link has sound. Of course y’all aren’t reading this at work! HGTV has lots of shows that I watch – including tons of design shows, one of my favorite TV addictions. “That’s Clever!” features three crafters/artists per episode, creating one of their pieces on camera. Some of it is interesting, some is beautiful, and some is just silly. Kind of cool to see all the different people doing their thing. I haven’t watched enough episodes to be sure about this one, but it’s worth checking out. Even if just to see all the people’s wonderfully messy and creative studios.

And speaking of messes, I’m currently making a mess with:

  • sewing, on a project full of tiny irritating pieces – which keep moving and slipping and falling on the floor. I’m going to get some fusible stuff so that next time I do a project like this, the little pieces can be ironed in place and I won’t have a million pins stabbing me at every turn of the fabric.
  • cutting up magazines – I love doing this and making collages with the images, and saving things as inspirations, and clipping pictures of rooms and furniture and such for my “someday” file – there were a lot of old magazines at work and I brought them home and I’ve been cutting them up in the last month. I haven’t done anything with all the clipping yet but make a big pile. And it’s been too hot to play with fiber sot this has kept my hands busy.
  • drafts of posts – I’ve started a zillion posts and not posted them – see, a few months ago I used some of my tax return to finally buy myself a camera, and I’ve been taking pictures, but I keep forgetting to add them to the posts I’ve written to go with them…

That’s in addition to the mess I’m making with my life in general. But let’s not go there on a Friday, okay?

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Pollyanna Bobs to the Surface

but only momentarily…

Lyda here. Snatching a few moments to update y’all. Heh. “Snatch.” Yes, I am that mature, that I’d point that out.

Did I mention my TMJ inflamation? It still hurts like crazy – three weeks of this is just nuts. Did I mention I’m still working like crazy on three mystery gifts for the long-overdue Pay It Forward Challenge? Progress is happening, but not done yet. I hope the recipients think it’s worth the wait. Did I mention that my son’s friends are graduating from high school this week, and thus it has been Insane Video Game Time at my place for the last two weeks? Did I mention that it’s crazy at work and crazy at home?

Hm. There seems to be an insanity theme to this post… “What’s different about that, Lyda?”

Continuing the craziness:

I am doing “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron again. Read this post for some of the reasons why. Read that post anyway. It’s inspiring. Who wrote that?

I’m doing it even though I’ve done it before, because I need to do it again. I’ve been stuck for a long long time, in every aspect of my life, and this book is the best unsticker I’ve ever used. And after the twelve weeks, maybe I’ll be up for trying her “Money Drunk, Money Sober: 90 Days to Financial Freedom” again. Because I didn’t finish it last time I tried it. Even though it was helping. Crazy fear.

One of the things about doing “The Artist’s Way” is that it gets me in touch with all the ways my life is crazy in ways I don’t enjoy.

As you can see.

Time to go bob-bob-bobbing along again…

Pollyanna gets Batty

Lyda here. Yeah, it’s been awhile. I missed a lot – Space Bat, Evil Trike Thieves, and all manner of stuff.

I have excuses  reasons. I’m trying to get caught up at work, sort out my finances, and get over an Evil Influenza of the Intestines (just as much fun as it sounds), while hobbling about on my still-sprained foot (yes, it’s been three months). And I haven’t done my taxes yet. And the sun was in my eyes.

But I digress whiningly. Is that a word? No?… in a whining way, then. Oh no, I’ve digressed within my digression!


I have been thinking about ya’ll. I have lots of posts planned. And some day I may even get caught up on reading all your blogs…

But first, the really important stuff.

When I googled “space bat fabric” – I know you all count on me for this kind of hard hitting investigative shopping – I got some interesting stuff.

I discovered a game called BatMud with a bat graphic that’s kind of spacey.

BugFabric.com has fabrics with bats, as well as construction equipment. For Marin – scroll down for construction crane fabric, just because. But I had to show ya’ll the cool buttons. Scroll down to see charming Susan Clark buttons: bunny, pig, lamb, spider, even a lobster. “Everybody needs a lobster sometimes…” Sing it, Frank!

No official Space Bat buttons or fabric yet… but that tribute site does have t-shirts.

Can Space Pig be far behind? Not if I have anything to say about it…

I found this at the FabricFun blog:  Boxy Bats from the Fabric Fun Dolls Exhibition 2008. Scroll down a bit and see the different bat boxes the artists created. Fun.

Of course, I also got this – don’t open that at work. Fan service.

So then I had to google “nude bat” and got some disturbing results. And some scientific information. Is it just me, or is a website called American Zoo a bad place to advertise your bat exterminating business? And some weirdness.

And “naked bat” brought this. So I had to look for “naked bat man.” Of course. Hey, it was a logical progression. “Back off, man, I’m a scientist.” I need to see that movie again.

Wow. The digressions are really out in force today.

I found this. Heh.

And this furry digression: Flying Bunny! Give it time to fully download; it’s worth it.

And this – don’t open at work or around the littles, ya’ll. More fan service!

Especially be careful where & when you open this oneComic porn!

Holy Shirtless Superheroes, Batman!

Pollyanna Draws it out

Lyda here. Just thought I’d share some weirdly cool stuff. I thought I’d posted this Friday morning. LAST Friday morning.

Apparently I was too busy waking up my son for class.

Which he actually doesn’t have on Fridays.

Tip:  Never wake a Sith Master.

Just trust me on this.

But I digress…

Some people apparently should play with their food. An artist is an artist no matter the medium. Or well-done.

As proven by cauliflower sheep. Still a fiber blog. Get it?  Cauliflower has fiber… oh, never mind.

And of course, my favorite:  cake art. I love this Millenium Falcon cake, but these divorce cakes appeal to me even more.

Wait, what’s this system error??

Stepping away from the cake…

Sand animals – safe and fun for everyone

7 Deadly Sins  Warning: Music is a bit loud.

Also, there is brief implied sand sex, so you might not want your kids to see that.

Depending on how you feel about exposing your kids to the healthy expression of sexuality by two consenting adult…

sand people…