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Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Baaa-d Things

Lyda here. Ah, Wednesday, bringing the Random Weirdness again. Today is:

The Random Weirdness of Baaaa-d Things*

* no sheep were harmed in the creation of this post

1.) My favorite sentence in this post is “Sheep face eternity unafraid.” Shouldn’t that be on a knitting bag? Plus there are pictures of sheep. So, really, including it in today’s post was a given.

2.) Read “The 7 Habits of a highly ineffective me“. No sheep, but there is a cat. And it’s a very funny post about being baaaaad.

And then when you have torn yourself away from Zodi’s Blog – because it is seriously funny and it will be hard to tear yourself away – we’ll go on with the Random Weirdness.

….. hmmm hmm a little lamb hmmm hmmm…

Oh, finally back, are you?

Me, no nothing, I’m fine, just sitting here in the dark, I hope you kids had fun…

3.) “I’m a Creep. I’m a Weirdo” – A cool story about being open to what life presents you… no sheep but defintiely coolly weird…

Not baaa-d enough? Okay, here’s the Running of the Sheep. I know, y’all are thinking “where is this and can I move there??”

4.) At this link, look at the columns. Now check out “If columns were…“. The children recognized that each white column had a right to its own specific nature. So they envisioned clothes for the columns. Maybe made out of knitted wool from sheep… Okay, maybe its a tenuous connection to sheep, but the whole Reggio exhibition link is too wonderfully weirdly cool for y’all to miss.

5.) Creepy sheep chair (apparently – according to my sketchy online research – made for a stage production and of course not made of real sheep). Come on. Admit it. You kinda want one. Be sure to read the comments section on that link for captions for the photo.

While at Richard Wiseman’s blog, check out the Monkey Business Illusion.

6.) Speaking of sheep chairs…  “Holds sheep in a relaxed position” indeed. Twelve!

They also have blankets for your sheep made of cotton duck. Does that mean I need blankets for my ducks made of cotton sheep? And if so, what kind of blankets do I need for my zombie army?

Wait, they have llama halters. I thought you just stood in front of your llama and said “Halt!” Although, come to think of it, that doesn’t work well for either the ducks or the zombies…

But I digress…

7.) Fun with Australia wildlife. Okay, there aren’t any sheep in this video, but there are a lot of baaad animals.

8.) Fun with Bighorn Sheep. Uh, that kinda sounds wrong. This is a funny little video of a sheep who’s sure he’s baaaad to the bone.

9.) Surfing for goats “Ah, sheep surfing. I’ve heard of this.”

10.) And for a truly triumphant end to the baaa-d weirdness – Extreme Sheep Herding – with fireworks and everything!