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Pollyanna tries to be Shiny

Lyda here. Again. At last.

So, having gone so often without posting, and for such long periods, I kept thinking that I needed to do something HUGE and EPIC for my next post. But that is so scary that it is paralyzing me into hiding under the blankets. With cats on top to hold the blanket down.

So I decided I’m just going to jump in and post something every day or two, and not think it has to be epic.

Okay, here goes….


Pollyanna versus the Dying Blogs

Our blogroll now has two categories:

  1. Blogroll – Active
  2. Blogroll – Worth Reading the Archives

I certainly hope that first category is self-explanatory.

Unfortunately, not every blog fits it the way it once did.

Much like me and my jeans. But I digress…

Some of our friends and favorite bloggers have stopped blogging, or just don’t blog very much any more. And we miss them and keep checking their blogs in case things change. If they do, y’all can bet they will be moved right back into the first category.

Seems they have developed lives that are too busy for blogging, or something. Weird.

But their blogs are still funny and insightful.

As are the blogs in the Category the First.

I encourage you to stroll over to the right column to explore these gems for yourself.

Go ahead. We’ll be here with the sweet tea when y’all get back.

Pollyanna versus the Blog Monster

Lyda here.

No matter how many posts we Pollyannas write, no matter how many words we throw at the blog, it howls for more. The Blog Monster is always hungry.

We go through our day, and the Blog Monster is growling in our ear, “Take a picture of that strange cactus. Write about the weird person in the checkout line behind you.”

And it can be hard to walk the blog line – how much do we revel? How much do we tell about ourselves, our families and friends, our daily lives, our secrets? How will we feel years from now when someone new in our life reads our old posts? Linked that last sentence to a Crazy Aunt Purl post, because Laurie says it better than I could. As always. Plus, check out her recent posts:  Hats! Cats! Awesomeness! But I digress…

It is up to each blogger to decide how much is just enough – not so much that stalkers turn up at our door, not so little that we feel like we are lying like Mata Hari. (What an interesting article. Her early life was so sad. Why has no one made a recent film about her? But I’m digressing again…)

When the Pollyannas created our blog, we agreed not to use actual names of people in our lives (past and present). We decided to use our own actual first names but never our last ones. We post pictures of our family and friends only with their permission. I never post pictures of my son, at his request. Sith Masters need their anonymity, y’all.

And it is still sometimes difficult to decide how much to reveal. We have some posts that have been marinating in our draft folder for over year. We wonder, “Does this tell too much?” “Is this funny or just embarassing and sad?” “What if my boss / family / banker reads this?”

Maybe we’re a bit too careful.

Yet, despite our best efforts, someday our kids might end up in this therapy group.

I wonder if they have groups for “Adult Cats of Bloggers”?

Pollyanna Ends a Strange(r) Month

Lyda here. This March, I tried NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).

I made a commitment to post every day in March.

And I did.

I overcame laziness, long work hours, fatigue, sleepiness, insomnia, and the lure of television. At least enough to post every day.

Now that I’ve completed an entire month, I feel like I can put the badge on our blog.

The theme for March was STRANGE(R). Which of course I could not resist.

The theme for April is BIG.

Will I do it again in April?

It did make me post more. Which meant that I wrote more.

Was it good writing? Were they good posts? I don’t know. Sometimes I just posted something, anything.

Was it good for me? There were times when I goofed off until late at night, and barely posted before midnight – which impacted my sleep habits. But overall, I think it’s been a good experience.

What do y’all think? Should I do it again?

Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Celebrates Our Blogversary!

“You say it’s our Blogiversary…”

Anna-Liza posted the first Pollyanna post a year ago today, and I followed the same day with my own first post. I apologize for all the self-referential linking in this post, but hey, it’s our blogiversary!

Anna-Liza here … inserting comments as I see fit. Hey, Lyda doesn’t get it all her own way, you know! So true! Always glad to have you join in! Besides, this was all your idea, you know.

A year ago, I didn’t knit. I have since been assimilated (bwa ha ha ha …) (my BFF, folks – so evil!) and completed four scarves and a few Random Rectangular Things. I even wrote my first knitting pattern.

A year ago, I didn’t have a zombie obsession. It began here, and so far, 43 of my posts include the category “Zombies.” Not including this one. In case ya’ll are keeping track. Presumably to build a case for my eventual commitment. And yet, I’m the one with the Zombie Son. Odd, but well within the usual level of oddness around here. Our “usual level of oddness” being off the charts for most people, of course…

But in re-reading my first post, I see much has remained the same. Resident Sith Master playing video games, check. Tommy the Sith Apprentice Cat trying to kill me, check. Me not dating and generally being a hermit, check. Whining, check. Digressions, check. Two hour minimum phone conversations with BFF, check. Constantly emailing each other strange links and random musings, check.

At least I did finally finish those quilts for Anna-Liza’s boys. Cute pictures of them with quilts here. They are sleeping under them as I type this. Awww.

In this year, we’ve written over 300 posts and had over 22,000 visits to our blog – many visitors were searching for Bruce Willis or “Heathers” or alpaca pictures, but hopefully some of them stuck around. Maybe the ones looking for erotic chicken feathers wandered off. Heh, I added that to the tags for this post. Hi there, erotic chicken feather seekers!

A year ago, I would not have guessed that I would become so addicted to blogging, or that I would have had so much fun exploring the weird and the mundane with ya’ll. I would not have guessed how important ya’ll would become to me, or how many friends I would make through blogging. See? I told ya it would be fun. You are always right. When have I failed to listen to you? Wait, don’t answer that…

It’s been a fun year and we look forward to many many more! Please come out of lurkdom to say happy ‘versary. Yes, do! Even if you were only looking for alpacas…

Anna-Liza, better make up another pot of sweet tea. Or maybe a Ball O’ Mimosas. I’ll get to baking a cake.


“Oh, we’re gonna have a party, party…”

Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Teeny Tiny Squares

Lyda here. So, today, I was wandering around the blogverse, and discovered I’m famous! Thanks, Jane! Also, I’d like to say right now, Jane is in no way related to the rest of the content of this post. She’ll be glad of that, when she reads on…

Later I saw and laughed at this offering from Franklin. And then, because it’s next on our bloglist, I clicked on Yarn Harlot’s blog and read this post.

The juxiposition of his content, and her title. Bwahahaha!

I am twelve. Marin has encouraged my twelve-ness, but Anna-Liza will confirm that I’ve been this way for a long time. But I digress…

Then I realized that all this throws this post title into a completely different light.

Definitely. Twelve.

I swear, I was thinking about quilting when I wrote it.


Just to be clear: No menz are implicated in this post title.

And in a related topic (heh): All the menz in my life at the moment are blood relatives or felines. And none of them are implicated in the post title. I’m just saying.

No romantic entanglements, sexual conquests, or even date-able menz on the horizon, to report. Curses and swearwords. The cute single neighbor even moved out yesterday. No more eye candy for me. Pout. At least I have chocolate. And fabric. And this chair…

Oh, the digressions today!

I was going to write about quilting. Really. About cutting fabric into teeny tiny (two-inch) squares for the new small quilt I’m making as a wall hanging for my hallway. Solution to my overachiever’s tendency to overdo it: Make a project limited by the size of the display place (19″ by 36″).

I’ll come back and add quilting content in a bit. Right now, I’m laughing too hard.