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Teh Startitis – Pollyanna Haz It

Anna-Liza here. That last post seems to have unblocked my creative urges. I’m not over the sadness – it’s not the sort of thing you really “get over,” you just bring it into your everyday reality more and more until it’s normal and you can function again. And by “you,” of course I mean “I.”

And, oh, my goodness, I haz teh startitis Bad. Really, really bad. Oh yes.

First, I’ve been working on the Melody Shawl by The Pearly Queen for about oh, eight months now? And I’ve got one inch – that is ONE inch – to go before binding off, but it’s long rows of stockinette and I’m bored with it. I’m still making progress because it’s great for knit night – I can talk all I want and still get work done on it. The next one or two ought to finish it, bar the blocking.

And I’ve got some summer knitting for the Rocky Mountain Spring days that are too warm for a lapful of wool: Sea Tangles, from Knitty.com, in Textiles a Mano’s Fina, a handpainted pure silk laceweight in a mostly-turquoise-with-a-bit-of-lavender colorway.

I won’t even go into the list of sock patterns/sock yarns that are trying to get my attention right now. Sheesh.

And then I started a drop stitch scarf out of a lovely, floaty mohair-and-sparkle yarn called  Mélange from Knit One Crochet Too – great to stick in my purse for takealong knitting, and yet …

 Saroyan has been calling me. One person in my knitting group has made one for a gift and plans to do another for herself, and at least two other people besides me have it queued. Liz Abinante does lovely patterns. I’ve made two Traveling Woman shawlettes, one for me and one as a gift, and most of us in the (Mostly) Harmless Knitters have made at least one or are working on one.

And then Knitting Sprite and I went to Fancy Tiger and I had to go look at the Malabrigo. Not a good idea for a person trying to knit stash and resist yarn temptation, but I did it anyway. Of course, I found the delicious Hummingbird colorway, two skeins left in the same dye lot – worsted weight – just what I need for Saroyan. How delicious? Take a look!


I can’t stand it, I’m casting on Saroyan NAO!


Pollyanna Messes with Ann Budd

Hey, Anna-Liza here. For all you Ann Budd fans (and I’m one of them), I haven’t done anything to perturb her in any way. Promise! I will say that, having met her, I think it would probably take a lot to perturb her, but I still didn’t do anything that could be in any way construed as perturbing. Entirely non-perturbing, that’s me.

What I did do was mess with her basic sock pattern. This was the project “involving Malabrigo” that I mentioned a while back. So far back, in fact, that I can’t actually remember what post that was. Oops.

First, this was a staff project. The idea was to take Ann’s basic sock instructions in The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns and come up with variations for kids’ socks. I volunteered to be one of the sock-messer-abouters and was told I could either use my own stash or, oh yeah, they did have a skein of Malabrigo Sock they’d just received as a sample. Duck on a Junebug? Nothin’ on me.

The socks are designed for Mr. R. He has slender legs and long slender feet, which is something he couldn’t escape, really. He has sensitive skin and hates socks that bunch up.

So I used a 1 x 1 rib all the way down the leg, to give them a close fit without being tight. I added a narrow rope-twist cable down each side for interest (both visual and knitting), and also decided to make these with reverse stockinette on the soles, for a little more smoothness against the area that takes all the pressure.

This last variation is sometimes called “princess foot”, but Mr R asked if I could call it “ninja foot” instead. So ninja foot it is. It’s nice for people with sensitive feet, and I am wondering if it might actually wear better than conventional stockinette. I guess we’ll find out!

I didn’t do the gussets in reverse stockinette, and I just kept going with that portion in stockinette until I was almost to the toe of the first sock. At that point, I realized the reverse stockinette portion would only be in the center of his foot and wouldn’t cover the areas with the most pressure, which would sort of defeat the purpose. So I did a little surgery – my preferred brand, where I rip back just in the columns that need to be changed and then knit them back up again. Tricky, yet satisfying. If I knit these again, though, I think I’ll do the gussets in reverse stockinette for a more smooth look from gusset to foot.

Once I had the soles actually sole-width, it went pretty well. The preview for the Summer issue of Interweave Knits is up now, so you can take a look – it’s the one labelled “Staff Project – Petite Feet” and the ones I did are the semi-solid blue ones on the far right. Check out the bonus photos, too!

They’re called “Cabled Ninja Socks” and you can read all abou them in the magazine. The pattern is already up at the free pattern library at Knitting Daily, too.