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Pollyanna versus Seasonal Confusion

Lyda here.

Southern California weather is weird. It’s sunny and 75 degrees. Two hours later, it’s raining like crazy. Next day, the thermometer has dropped below 60 (hey, that’s cold to us). Day after that, hot Santa Ana winds are blowing all over the Southland.

People get confused by all this.

But think how the trees must feel.

All of these pictures were taken one lunch time in the one small parking lot.

Is it winter?

It’s winter, right?

Wait, maybe it's spring...

Wait, maybe it’s spring…

Um... early fall?

Um… early fall?

"Summertime... and the livin' is easy..."

“Summertime… and the livin’ is easy…”


Sneezy Pollyanna and the Harbingers of Spring

Anna-Liza here. I am not sure that “spring” means much of anything to Lyda anymore, other than the name of the town where I went to high school, since she lives in SoCal. Here in Colorado, spring means a lot.

Sunny days in the 60s alternating with snow.

Wind. Crocus blossoms and, eventually, daffodils. Pollen. Wind. Trees budding out. Crabapples blooming. Wind. Pollen.

Also, hay fever. Spring and fall are both allergy seasons for me, but the shock of spring allergies after a winter of a non-itchy face makes it seem worse. Yes, I have things I can take for the symptoms, but on the worst days nothing relieves them entirely. It’s better, but I’m still Teary, Itchy, Stuffy and Sneezy. And Grumpy. And I wish Doc could come up with something to keep me from wanting to scratch my face off that doesn’t make me Sleepy or Goofy. Yeah, I know that last one’s not a dwarf. Don’t care.

Yesterday it was windy and cool, today it’s snowing. And Darlin’ K is off at Ski Jam 7: Beats on the Steeps for a day of snowboarding and music. Me? I am thinking about tacos for dinner and wondering if takeout Mexican for lunch would be too much. And will I have time for knitting if I spend all day on the internet? Probably not much, so I guess I’d better go get something done! I’m working on Sea Tangles, and I want to have it finished to wear when the weather finally gets warm!

Pollyanna is Breathless with Anticipation

Anna-Liza here, only restraining myself from doing the happy dance long enough to write this post.

Today I’m going to the Estes Park Wool Market! With Knitting Sprite and most of the (Mostly) Harmless Knitters!!! AND NO KIDS! Boy, that’s a lot of links in one paragraph!!!!!!!!!

Yeah I’m excited! Wouldn’t you be? I know, I know, I go almost every year, but still. I’ve been restraining my fiber shopping for months now, saving up for this. I’m going to the Plain & Fancy booth and dropping most of my savings there, most likely, but maybe not! Maybe I’ll change my mind!

Doubtful, really, as Ken & Grayce Aggen only sell at events like this and through very limited mail order; they don’t sell through shops and don’t have a website. If they did, they’d have to become a bigger operation, and they’re happy with the size they have now. Apparently they pretty much sell all their production this way.

The tough thing will be picking which colorway in which to get enough yarn for a cardigan.

One disappointment – for some reason, Woolly Designs was not given a booth this year, and I was going to help Knitting Sprite pick a handspindle there. Tracy Eichheim makes the loveliest spindles, beautifully balanced, in a range of weights. But he won’t be taking orders again on his website until October! So now the question is, do we wait until they are taking spindle orders again, or does she settle for a lesser spindle?

The weather forecast is gloomy – 43° F and a 90% chance of rain – but I’m so obsessed insane with yarn lust happy that I’m just thinking that will be nice for wool shopping.

I’d promise a post or two and pictures later, but you know how I am. I’ll try not to be so disappointing this year, but no promises. I might be busy knitting.

Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Blustery Day

Hi, Anna-Liza here. It’s autumn in Colorado, and today we’re getting a pretty good reminder of that fact. While I had to scrape frost off my windshield last Tuesday morning, we’ve had highs in the low 70s and upper 60s for the last few days. Yesterday the clouds moved in and it got noticeably chillier. Today is cloudy, wet, and cold. Highs in the 40s predicted. Mr. R’s soccer game looked like a bunch of Oompah Loompahs running around in soccer jerseys, the kids had so many layers on.

Very Superior Husband had an all-day high-country hike planned for today again. He and his friend are going anyway, but he had a lot more gear to pack (and a lot more layers to put on) than originally planned. The kidlets and I are going to spend a good chunk of today at Java Stop, and I am going to bring Eris with me. I probably won’t get that last sleeve totally finished, but I can get closer. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get it done in the next week or so. It will take a while to dry once I block it, but it could be wearable by the end of the month. Hey, reasonable goals, right?

Nothing like snow in the forecast to make a girl want to finish up some projects!

Pollyanna and the Staycation of Restfulness

Hi, Anna-Liza here. Boy, it’s nice to have Lyda back after her temporary semi-silence! (How’s The List going, girlfriend?)

Things have warmed up here since the Drippy, Foggy, Rainy Memorial Day. I’ve even worn sleeveless tops a few times! (You need to remember that I won’t wear short sleeves until it’s at least 75 degrees out, maybe more.) One day last week, Darlin’ K picked me up from work and we went for a nice stroll around downtown Loveland. The sun and the warmth felt really, really good. Getting into the hot car even felt good.

I took a couple of days off. We had originally planned to go to Apogaea, but a number of things made us decide not to go after all. I decided not to change my vacation days, though. Things have been busy at work and busy at home, with more busyness pretty much all through the rest of June, so a couple days to chill just sounded about as wonderful as chocolate covered strawberries with champagne. Maybe more wonderful–I’m damn picky about champagne. Too much of the bottom-of-the-barrel pseuo-champagne at college cast parties, I guess. (Excuse me while I go rinse out my mouth.)

Thursday was a rainy, drippy, chilly day again. I happened to receive a large shopping bag full of free yarn recently, almost all of which was in loose skeins and rather tangled. A lot of it appears to be a rayon/alpaca/wool blend in nice colors, so I decided it was worth the work to wind it all up. So my friend Jean (who used to have Knit One, Purl Too in Longmont) let me have her swift, ball winder, and measuring thingy on a long term loan.

I spent a lot of time with the ball winding on Thursday as a result, and also took some time to go to the library (this is my idea of fun, y’all. I’m so exciting). The kidlets both like the ball winder, so they’ve been helping. I had several a lot of unwound skeins in the stash already, so this is going to be a longish project. I’ve got somewhere between 10 and 15 done. The yardage ranges from 600 (laceweight) to 5 (for something that was frogged that had stripes). I’ve gotten a little further on the mystery gift project, which is at a very boring knitting stage, I’m afraid, but no further at all on any socks. And I’m just itching to cast on something new … perhaps this? Or possibly some kind of lacy shrug I can wear to work … “lace” seems to be the theme of all the new stuff I’m looking at. Not that I don’t have other things to distract me already from my deadline knitting … but I digress.

Friday was a much nicer day — 70s and sunny. Darlin’ K had to finish some projects on Thursday, but he took Friday off and we spent the whole day together. It’s nice to rediscover uninterrupted conversation (and other things) once in a while! We had breakfast and aforementioned conversation at Java Stop, and later we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. That was a really perfect bit of action fluff, exactly what we were in the mood for. Roger Ebert’s review (follow the previous link) sums the whole thing up really well. I have to say that Shia LaBoeuf’s initial appearance channeling Marlon Brando was really fun, but he’s not terribly convincing as a switchblade-wielding biker. But as the story developed, I’m not sure he was supposed to be convincing. And Cate Blanchett was really hot in her sword-wielding, sleek and intense Russian villainess way.

I have to admit, I’m really not willing to spend money to see “challenging” or “deep” movies anymore. Life itself is challenging enough–if I’m paying for entertainment, it better be FUN! I can get “challenging” and “deep” just looking around, thankyouverymuch. And Darlin’ K and I spent a very fun day, as I’m sure you can imagine. And we even picked up the kidlets from day camp/preschool on time. (Just.)

I just got Marianne Williamson’s new book about midlife (for men and women) out of the library. I think it will be good, but I haven’t done more than read the dust jacket. It’s basically about midlife being a time to refocus and live more in our own integrity, rather than scattering our energies about as we did when we were younger–a time to live more deeply than ever. And when I say “we”, I mean “I”. Anyway, I’m sure it will fit into the Reading in Wonderland Challenge, but I’m not exactly sure where yet. I’ll let you know.

But first, I need to finish Tamora Pierce’s Protector of the Small series. Escapism and fluff, a sovereign remedy for what ails you. That and lace-oriented startitis. And anticipation of the Wool Market (in just a week! Oh boy!!) And four evenings of shaman-led workshops and SolFest later this month (here’s more info) …

… and this lamp.

Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine – Still Crazy After All These Squares

Lyda here. Boy, do I wish I could have sat there with Anna-Liza this weekend, knitting and talking and watching her kids play in that neat coffee shop she wrote about yesterday. I think she posted pictures as part of her campaign to get me to move to Colorado. Yes, I am tempted. And I don’t even drink coffee. But hot chocolate… yum. But most of all – time with my BFF.

We did talk on the phone. For hours. Thank goodness for unlimited weekend calling.

We’re having another heat wave here in So. Cal. Yes, there is at least one fire burning – not near us.  Yes, it’s miserable – it was 95 degrees at our place yesterday, and here at the coast we don’t normally get temperatures that high even in August. On the other hand, Anna-Liza said they had snow on Saturday. We discussed trading weather for a day – we would love a day of snow, and she would like a warm summery day. Unfortunately, the weather gods and goddesses did not grant our request.  Or maybe the Quantum Butterfly is just flapping its wings too much. The heat does not make the breathing any better. Pant.

Friday night, the Resident Sith Master went to a movie with friends, and I watched “The Jane Austen Book Club” with the Dread Cat Tommy. He fell asleep; I enjoyed the movie and even watched all the special features before RSM came home. I didn’t read the book.  The movie was fun, with some really good actresses playing off each other. Kathy Baker, Maria Bello, Emily Blunt, Amy Brenneman, Maggie Grace, and Lynn Redgrave. And the men were also good and very nice to look at. Hugh Dancy , Marc Blucas and Kevin Zegers – all a bit young for my taste, but very cute. Jimmy Smits, looking very good in his tux, definitely to my taste. Light girly entertainment, just what I was in the mood for.

Practically all weekend, while the Resident Sith Master played video games and I watched TV, I worked on The Increasingly Inaccurately Named “Easy” Heart Quilt. Which involved actual ironing. In the heat. Because I am insane. I also cooked – actually cooked with heat – breakfast and dinner both Saturday and Sunday. Yes, thank you, I would like a medal. But I digress…

Saturday, I gently picked out stitches on one square that was wrong, and then sewed a replacement square in place. Directional fabric can be a pain when you have a feline assistant who likes to move the fabric around.

I passed the halfway mark on stitching together the rows for the quilt top. By lunch time Sunday, I passed the two-thirds mark. By bedtime last night, I had sewn all but the last four rows together. It looks good at this point. All fingers crossed.

I will probably finish sewing the rows together tonight. Then I will need to figure out the binding, and the backing which will include a way to hang the finished quilt.

After I iron the quilt top. And pet it and love it and call it George.

Obsession. It’s not just a perfume.

Still crazy…”

Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Versus the Tropical Heat Wave

We’re havin’ a heat wave

Lyda here.

It’s too darn hot…  It’s too darn hot…
I’d like to work on my quilt tonight
Or knit a scarf for my son tonight.
Yes, I’d like to work with my fabric tonight
Or play with yarn and enjoy it tonight.
But I ain’t up for my projects tonight
‘Cause it’s too darn hot.
       – With apologies to Cole Porter  
Here’s a great production of “Kiss Me, Kate” by the way.

Did you see that? Two, count ’em, two musical theater references. Once a theater geek, always a theater geek.

I did work on the quilt some more Sunday. I sewed about 50 more two-inch seams. Less than a third of the way through the second set of ten rows. Sigh.  But it was just too hot to do anything much.

Really. It was over 80 degrees both Saturday and Sunday, all day and all night, with highs up to 90. The pollen count is really high, too. My breathing was not comfortable even with the medication. I’m afraid I was pretty whiny all weekend, as the fibromylgia kicked into high gear as well – to keep the asthma company, I guess.

Yes, thank you, I would like some cheese to go with my whine. Yes, I know, some of ya’ll still have white stuff on the ground. And all I can say to that is: Nanee Nanee Boo Boo. But this heat is NOT normal for this time of year here.

And there wasn’t much worth watching on TV. We really need to get a converter box to get the rest of the digital channels, so at least the junk will be picture-perfect. Why does all the stuff I want to watch come on at midnight?

Summary: Bitch bitch bitch.

Ain’t I a treasure? How can I not be dating??

It’s supposed to cool off today, and be cooler tomorrow. The Resident Sith Master didn’t complain once this weekend about the heat, or my whining, proving once again that he is deserves a medal. Or twelve.

Meanwhile, we both spent some time laughing like crazy at the comics here. Warning: Not all of them are work-appropriate. Once again, Marin aids and abets my twelvehood. Guess which one she sent me? Heh heh.

And I know ya’ll are asking, what’s with all the Marin references? Is Pollyanna going for the World’s Record in “Number of Marin Mentions” or something?

Yes. Yes I am.

Just so ya’ll know.

But I digress…

To make up for all my whining, here is a pig video with some very lickable piglets for ya’ll.

Who oinks ya, baby?


It’s the new forty-something!